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Recently, dozens of assembled engineering mixing plant components were ready to go in the workshop of shantuiyou Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "shantuiyou"). Li Yang, manufacturing director, said that these products will travel across the sea to Pakistan, South Asia, Guinea and Cambodia... "In just one year, we have achieved the best market share of concrete mixing equipment in Pakistan, Cambodia, Guinea and other countries, and won high praise from foreign customers." Said Qiwei, Vice Minister of the marketing department

it has won many "firsts" and successfully extended its overseas tentacles

recently, in the east of Shantui Jianyou workshop, yellow products with the words "Intelligent Laboratory mixing plant" stood still. "It has just been transported back from the 15th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (BICES 2019)." Key Mingshen, vice president of Shantui Jianyou Research Institute, said that the industry called it a "mini mixing station", which was the first in China and has been put into the market. It has realized the full automation, remote control and real-time data transmission of the material "formula" (i.e. matching proportion) experiment of the mixing station. The formula "coming out" has been accelerated from two hours to 20 minutes

Shantui Jianyou is the first "mini mixing plant" in China.

such "first" and "first" initiatives have often been won by Shantui Jianyou in recent years. Its predecessor, Shandong construction machinery factory, was controlled by Shantui Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shantui") in 2013. It is the earliest enterprise in China to produce concrete mixing and conveying machinery. In the past three years, if the resources are good, the exploitation is not difficult, and the cost performance is high, it has entered the fast lane of development, created the "first mixer in China", and successfully ranked among the top three in the domestic mixing industry, The market share of the engineering mixing plant ranks first in China

in addition to focusing on the domestic market, since 2008, Shantui Jianyou has started to layout overseas markets. Sunjiali, chairman of Shantui Jianyou, said that over the years, they have helped the engineering construction of countries along the "the Belt and Road" by "borrowing ships to sea" through overseas projects of China Railway, China railway construction, China hydropower, China Civil Engineering and other construction units. "At the same time, it has built an overseas sales network, which has increased every year, but the volume is small."

Qi Wei's arrival has become a resource mover. With a batch of graphene industry leading areas and demonstration areas such as the national torch graphene and advanced carbon material characteristic industrial base and the graphene demonstration base in Shandong Province as its carrier, he has more relaxed the overseas market of Zhang Shantui Jianyou. He has rich sales experience and brought a "cash cow" to Shantui Jianyou. "We all hope to have a 'cash cow', but first we have to have a tree and plant a tree, and the sales network is a tree." Qi Wei said that the overseas sales network of Shantui Corporation has boosted the sales of Shantui Jianyou products abroad. Thanks to high-quality products, loyal customers have increased, and product sales have increased accordingly

no foundation with its own wheels, innovative products have been praised repeatedly

in addition to ordinary engineering mixing plants, asphalt mixing equipment and other products sold overseas, the high-end products pioneered by Shantui Jianyou have also "blossomed" abroad. From September 5 to September 7, when the mixing plant of Shantui Jianyou intelligent laboratory was unveiled at the Beijing exhibition, another domestic first hydraulic self lifting foundation free mobile mixing plant was participating in the Bangkok construction machinery exhibition in Thailand and was praised by foreign customers

according to Qi Wei, this is a high-end product among the mixing plant products. The machine has its own wheels. It does not need to build a foundation like an ordinary mixing plant and rely on a crane for installation. Instead, it can be erected by itself. The base can be installed with a support. After the completion of the project, the support can be removed and transferred. "It is the first global leading concrete mixing plant in China. It only took 10 months from the research and development, trial production to the acceptance and delivery of the product."

"it is necessary to build an enterprise with technology and continue to carry out technological innovation and R & D, so as to create more market space." In an interview earlier, sun Jiali said that only by mastering core technologies can we build international competitiveness. At present, their products have been exported to 60 countries and regions. In addition to developing countries, the European market has been opened and the North American market is being explored. In the future, the enterprise will take "high-end, environmental protection and intelligence" as the direction, implement the special plan and propose a sales pattern of 70% in China and 30% in the world

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