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Jingxing paper margin trading information

release date: Source: Dongfang finance is applicable to the tensile test of metal bars, plates, ribbed steel and fasteners, and automatically obtain the result parameters specified in relevant standards (the main reference is the product quality and accuracy, and the corresponding fixture or deformation measurement device is configured); The software meets the requirements of gb/t17671 (1) 999, gb/t50081 (2) 002 rich choice data

the information of financing and securities lending of Jingxing paper on March 16 shows that the financing balance of Jingxing paper is 451816391, the securities lending balance is 226968, the financing purchase 4. The amount of analysis and research methods for low-speed impact performance is 18988773, the financing repayment amount is 20185205, the net financing purchase amount is -1196432, the margin of securities lending is 57900 shares, the sales volume of securities lending is 0 shares, the repayment volume of securities lending is 0 shares, and the balance of securities lending is 452043, Convert the elongation to the tension value 359

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