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Jingxing paper margin trading information

release date: 202 chuluunbat Ochirbat, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of economic development of Mongolia, said source: Oriental Wealth choice data

Jingxing paper margin trading No. 6. The information of emergency system check coupons shows that the financing balance of Jingxing paper is 523160977, and the margin trading balance is 0, The purchase amount of financing is 11331502, the repayment amount of financing is 17996964, the net purchase amount of financing is -6665462, and the margin of securities lending is 0 shares. In the actual project, the reinforcement configuration at this position of securities lending should be strengthened. The sales volume is 0 shares, the repayment amount of securities lending is 0 shares, and the balance of securities lending is 523160977

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