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Packaging information anti-counterfeiting printing technology

because the corner block combination in the hologram is randomly encoded, even the same equipment is difficult to produce the same holographic master, so the rainbow holographic image has been widely used to make anti-counterfeiting marks. Holograms can also be directly transferred to paper products, which have been widely used in tickets, trademarks and credit cards

the colors of laser molded holographic anti-counterfeiting signs include single rainbow, multiple rainbow colors, true color and black-and-white (achromatic), and their images include two-dimensional, three-dimensional, multiple and dynamic imaging

according to the different holographic imaging technologies of laser molded holographic anti-counterfeiting marks, they can be divided into classical, pulsed three-dimensional laser molded holographic anti-counterfeiting marks, synthetic molding, multiple image laser molding, dynamic molding, dynamic grating molding, invisible holographic molding, anti-counterfeiting ink densified laser molding and other holographic anti-counterfeiting marks

(1) perspective holographic film. The common characteristics of these products are that the aluminum, ink or metal layer on the polyester film is made into a point shape and the point density is controlled. Under the reproduction light, the light is reflected at the metal point, and the light transmission is formed at the non-metal point. The ratio of transmission and reflection is adjusted so that the printed text covered by the film can be observed through the holographic film without affecting the display of holograms. Due to different production processes, perspective holographic films can be divided into four categories: one is metal points, which have the words "grounding" or grounding marks. It relies on metal points to store holographic images and display covered graphics and texts through transparent walls. The second is to evaporate oxide. The relief surface of the transparent resin film bearing the molded hologram is continuously evaporated with an oxide protective layer with high refractive index to protect the hologram from loss. The third is the evaporation of metals. Usually, a layer of semi transparent and semi reflective aluminum film is continuously evaporated on the transparent resin film, so as to take into account the diffraction efficiency of the molded hologram and the transmittance of the covering image and text. Fourth, printing, according to the principle of printing local glazing, through the process of UV ink printing → semi curing → holographic relief molding → curing → making a high refractive index protective layer at the specific position of the substrate, the perspective hologram is printed on paper, metal, textiles and other items

this kind of holographic film is mainly used as certificate protective film, putty jg/t157 ⑵ 004 material packaging and printing film for plastic building exterior wall. The transmission hologram is to coat the hologram stripe with multiple layers of transparent media, so that it can see the hologram at a certain angle of view; On the other hand, it almost becomes the 'target' of the packaging machine=_ Blank> transparent film, which shows the pictures and texts covered below, has better performance than translucent hologram, and can be used for the coating of certificates and passports

(2) rainbow holographic paper. After a certain process treatment, the molded hologram on plastic film (BOPP, PET) is completely transferred to the paper base to form rainbow holographic paper. Rainbow holographic paper is very suitable for high-end packaging of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and other commodities

(3) computer laser hologram. The laser with good correlation emitted from the laser is divided into two beams with the same wavelength. One beam shines on the aided object and is reflected, which is called object light; The other beam becomes the reference light after being reflected by the plane mirror, and shoots at the negative at a certain angle, where it meets the object light and interferes. The light and dark interference fringes recorded on the negative film can obtain a hologram recording the light wave intensity and phase of the object being pinched. The hologram is then irradiated with the original reference beam. Due to the diffraction effect of light, the original object beam can be restored. Therefore, a realistic three-dimensional image of the subject can be seen through the hologram. The interference of light and the formation of hologram can be described by mathematical model. The hologram can be calculated by sampling calculation by computer. Using this kind of computer holography to design printing graphics is very fine, with more than 1000 lines per millimeter and randomness, so it is difficult to copy

(4) laser dot matrix fractal hologram. The new technology of combining dot matrix laser holography and computer-generated fractal image is used in the production of laser anti-counterfeiting signs. The produced laser signs have excellent anti-counterfeiting performance and visual effects (such as background gradual change, rotation flicker, expansion flicker and other functional effects). The fractal image generated by computer can be superimposed on the customer's logo or trademark pattern, and even can be used as a part of the logo, so as to achieve a good anti-counterfeiting effect

the characteristics of the laser mark made by the combination of dot matrix holographic technology and computer fractal technology are:

① the pattern of this laser mark is composed of some tiny grating points (about dozens to 100 microns), and each grating point contains a very fine grating (less than one micron). During the production process, the computer encodes the grating points point by point according to the production requirements, Make the direction or density of the grating at each point change, so as to achieve the predetermined visual effect; The encoding mode and method of grating points are determined according to the specific design of the pattern, which is very difficult for others to imitate. For example, the laser pattern made with a resolution of 300dpi has nearly 14000 grating points in an area of one square centimeter. Apart from the design of the pattern, if you want to copy the pattern with the same visual effect, you must require the coding of these 14000 grating points to be consistent with the original pattern. The technical difficulty of this point alone is enough to deter criminals. At present, the computer software of Microsoft and the computer chip of Intel extruder adopt this laser mark according to the material flow direction of the head and the included angle of the screw centerline to prevent counterfeiting

② in pattern design, computer fractal pattern technology is combined. This fractal pattern is a very strange and decorative pattern that does not exist in nature, but is generated by inputting relevant data on a special computer program compiled by a certain algorithm. This pattern can be made into a part or whole of the laser logo by using the dot matrix laser holography technology, or it can be superimposed on the original registered trademark of the manufacturer as the background picture. The laser logo made from this has excellent anti-counterfeiting performance. As long as these data are retained and not disclosed, no one can produce the same or similar fractal pattern

In addition, unlike ordinary printing, laser patterns (especially fractal patterns) made by dot matrix laser holography cannot be reproduced by means of photography, copying or computer scanning due to their characteristics

it is reported that at present, there are also color holograms, synthetic holograms, password holograms (the information in the image can be read out with a laser pen), and edible holograms can be used for anti-counterfeiting of tablets

4. Heavy ion imaging information technology. This is the high-tech heavy ion imaging technology launched by Beijing Super Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Using 5-10mm transparent plastic film as raw material, some tensile testing machine enterprises produced by heavy ion generator have set up after-sales service points overseas to accelerate heavy ion radiation energy to more than 80mev through accelerator. An imaging mold is installed on the heavy ion channel to make the imaged heavy ion beam radiate onto the plastic film (time is 0.5 ~ 2ms). After special processing, an anti-counterfeiting logo pattern composed of 1 '105/cm oxygen permeable micropores can be formed on the plastic film. This pattern can be designed at will according to user requirements. This pattern is colorless before detection. When testing, tear the protective film attached to the surface, and then paint the pattern area of the film with a colored pen or water pen, and then wipe it with your hand, but leave an anti-counterfeiting pattern of the corresponding color, and the non pattern area is impervious to color

the main equipment of super anti-counterfeiting logo is the only national defense special control equipment in China - heavy ion accelerator, which is exclusive, and its products cannot be counterfeited. The anti-counterfeiting logo is not afraid of boiled water, resistant to a variety of inorganic acids, salts, alcohols, and also resistant to low concentration alkaline corrosion at room temperature, and can be stored for a long time. Color recognition is available anytime, anywhere

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