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The ten positioning of the brand

the vast market is accepting the products of various merchants every day. However, the ruthless competition whip will not hesitate to send the weak out. How can we make our products the final winner? Brand positioning will open a new sky for you

grade positioning

different brands are often divided into different grades according to their value in the minds of consumers. Brand value is a comprehensive reflection of product quality, consumers' psychological feelings and various social factors such as values, cultural traditions, etc. The high-grade brand not only conveys the high-quality information of products (services), but also reflects the recognition of consumers

grade has value beyond physical objects, such as bringing consumers self-esteem and a sense of superiority. High-end brands often reflect their value through high prices. For example, rolex watches, with a price of tens of thousands of yuan, are the supreme among many watch brands and a symbol of wealth and status. Owning it is tantamount to showing others that you are a successful person or a member of the upper class society

for example, hotels and guesthouses are divided into 1-5 grades according to the stars. The high-end brand image of five-star hotels not only covers the elegant environment, high-quality services, complete facilities, but also includes people with certain social status who enter and leave them. Hotels located in the middle and low grades are targeted at other segments of the market, such as low-income people who are seeking benefits and low prices

because grade positioning comprehensively reflects brand value, products of different quality and price should not use the same brand. If enterprises want to launch a series of products with different prices and quality, they should adopt brand diversification strategy to avoid damaging the overall brand image affected by low-quality products

for example, lizard's "Pingmei" spray directly entered the high-end product market of acne removing and scar removing, thus separating it from many low-cost products, entering the market as a high-end product with high quality and high price, and achieving good sales performance

usp positioning

the benefit positioning provided by brands to consumers is unique because it cannot be provided or has not been appealed by other brands

using USP positioning, when there are too many brands of similar products and the competition is fierce, it can highlight the characteristics and advantages of the brand, let consumers rank different brands in their minds according to their own preferences and the importance they attach to the interests of a brand, put them in different positions, and choose products more quickly when they encounter demand

Both Motorola and Nokia are well-known brands in the market. But they emphasize different brand interests. Motorola's benefits to target consumers are "small, thin, light" and other characteristics; Nokia claimed "no radiation". In the auto market, BMW advocates "the pleasure of driving", the rich emphasize "durability and safety", Mazda is "reliable", Saab is "flight technology", Toyota's "sports car appearance", Fiat is "energetic", and Mercedes Benz is the symbol of "noble, king, prominent and supreme". The famous series in Mercedes Benz's TV advertisements is "the car most used by the head of the world"

leading enterprises with strong strength can use USP positioning to launch many brands in the same category of products. Covering multiple market segments. Improve its overall market share. P & G (Procter & Gamble) has been quite successful in using USP brand positioning. Taking washing powder as an example, P & G has successively launched nine brands, including tide, cheer, bold, dreft, lvorysnow and era. Each brand has its own unique USP

tide is "thorough decontamination", happiness is "washing and protecting color", Boulder "makes clothes soft", dreyff "is suitable for washing baby clothes", ivory snow "decontamination is fast", Iraq claims "to remove stubborn stains such as paint", and so on. P & G develops various brands through USP positioning. So that their shelf space continues to expand

however, there are several points worth noting when using USP for positioning

first of all, the interests of USP are what consumers are interested in or concerned about, rather than the wishful selling points of the enterprise itself. Secondly, it should be the uniqueness that other brands do not have or do not specify. In the eyes of consumers, this position has not been occupied by other brands. Finally, when using USP appeals, it is generally necessary to highlight a major point of interest

shape positioning

positioning according to the form and state of the brand. This shape can be the whole or part of the product

today, when the internal characteristics of products are more and more the same, the shape of products itself can form a market advantage. For example, "white plus black" cold medicine divides "the color of cold medicine into white and black forms", and based on this external form, it has reformed the traditional way of taking cold. These two new forms are a positioning strategy of the product. At the same time, the name "white plus black" also makes the name itself express the formal characteristics and appeal points of the brand. Another example is "Da Da" bubble gum, which takes the formal characteristics of the product itself as the positioning point, and has made its first shot in market competition

in addition, some product identifications can also be used as appeal points. For example, the symbolic logo of "Pingmei" spray is the most typical example. Its package has a large and eye-catching English letter "P", which gives people an unforgettable impression

when using shape positioning, there are two points that should not be forgotten - first, the form should not be too complex, and it should give people a lively and free and easy feeling. Second, we should pay attention to the combination of points, lines and surfaces. Dots are difficult to form an independent image, but together, they have a sense of density, echo and jump; Line is the embodiment of flow, speed, power, stillness, stability, softness, etc; Face can promote three-dimensional effect. The ingenious combination of the three makes a beautiful brand picture

consumer positioning

the positioning is based on the relationship between the product and the lifestyle and lifestyle of a certain type of consumers

take SCO beauty pens as an example. The price is relatively high. A set costs 1288 yuan. According to Beijing's consumption capacity, the product must be targeted at high-end beauty lovers, aged between. Because people in this age group will have wrinkles. Women in their early 30s are afraid of wrinkles and aging. Women in their 40s and 50s want to get rid of wrinkles and return to youth

women have wrinkles, the direct damage to their interests is aging, and the indirect damage to their interests is that women pay more attention to marriage, which aggravates pollution, happiness, feelings and so on. Finally, we mainly pursue indirect benefits - the feelings of men and women caused by the beauty pen, the feelings of subordinates and leaders, and the emotional communication (gift giving) between men and customers weaken the function of the pen. This successful positioning has made it achieve good sales performance

the successful use of consumer positioning can personalize the brand, so as to establish a unique brand image and brand personality. Nike targets sports lovers, especially those who love Jordan, so it chooses Jordan as an advertising model. The advertisement not only vividly shows Jordan's style and style, integrates his enterprising spirit and positive personality into "Nike", but also successfully establishes Nike's enduring brand image. Pepsi Cola is positioned as "a new generation of cola", which captures the psychological characteristics of the new generation of film and television idols. Mike, please? Jackson acted as an advertising spokesperson. In the frenzy set off by Jackson, the new generation has become a prisoner of Pepsi. And "Pepsi" has also become a symbol of "youth, liveliness and times"

category positioning

brand association established according to product category is called category positioning. Category positioning tries to create the impression that the brand is equivalent to a certain kind of products in the minds of consumers. To become a synonym or leading brand of a certain kind of products. When consumers have a certain kind of specific needs, they will associate it with the brand. For example, light beer makes people think of Schlitz, fast food makes people think of McDonald's, small cars make people think of "Flowserve golden turtle", and so on

enterprises often use category positioning to seek gaps in the minds of the market or consumers. One way is to imagine whether consumers will accept that they are in a category opposite to their competitors or a category significantly different from their competitors. The positioning of seven up's "extraordinary Cola" is a classic case of category positioning

Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola are the leading brands in the beverage market, with a high share and an unshakable position in the minds of consumers. The positioning of "extraordinary Cola" makes seven up in the category opposite to "Pepsi and Coca Cola", which has become another alternative to cola drinks. It not only avoids the positive competition with the two giants, but also skillfully hooks up with the two brands. The successful category positioning makes seven up the third place in the competitive beverage market

emotional positioning

use the product to directly or indirectly impact the emotional experience of consumers. Philip, an American marketing expert? Kotler believes that the change of people's consumption behavior can be divided into three stages - the first is the consumption stage of quantity, the second is the consumption stage of quality, and the third is the emotional consumption stage. In the third stage, what consumers value is not the quantity and quality of products, but the closeness of their relationship. Or to get some emotional satisfaction, or to pursue a commodity that is consistent with the ideal self-concept. Obviously, emotional positioning is an important fulcrum of brand appeal

emotional positioning should conform to the changes of consumers' consumption psychology, and arouse the resonance of consumers' hearts with appropriate emotional positioning. If done properly, it can enrich and strengthen the marketing power of products

for example, when we were planning Aodong Lujin Zhuanggu wine, after in-depth analysis of competitive products and consumer psychology, 2. Sensor we believe that, generally speaking, most of the middle-aged and elderly people who suffer from rheumatic bone disease are parents, and the most obvious feature of this disease is that the patients are very "painful", so we start with "pain" and "the emotion between children and parents", It clearly takes an emotional value tendency as the starting point of its brand positioning, and thus obtains market opportunities

"Wahaha" can be said to be the most successful brand name in China's contemporary market. In addition to its popular and accurate reflection of the target object of a product, the key to the success of this naming is to take a wish, a hope and the combination of children's nature as the core of brand naming, and the name "Wahaha" seamlessly conveys the above image and value. This kind of development and wish for children's nature is exactly the starting point of the brand image positioning

comparative positioning

comparative positioning takes the competitor's brand as the reference and depends on the competitor's positioning. The purpose of comparative positioning is to enhance the value and popularity of its own brand through brand competition. The "second Manifesto" created by DDB advertising company in the United States for Elvis' rental car in the 1960s is a classic example of the success of using comparative positioning. Because of the ingenious contact with market leaders, Elvis' market share increased by 28 percentage points, which greatly widened the gap with the third largest national car rental company in the industry

but it needs to be clear that comparative positioning is not applicable to all situations. When positioning, it is competitive

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