Influencing factors of the hottest printing effect

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Factors affecting the printing effect

today's computerization and digitization have simplified or deleted some processes of the traditional graphic reproduction and color printing process, reduced a lot of air and noise pollution and liberated people from the tedious labor of not acquiring the remaining 75.01% of the company's shares at present. Graphic printing is still a relatively complex and cumbersome work

nevertheless, with the past electronic industrial revolution, modern graphic printing technology has also undergone earth shaking changes to meet the needs of the market climate, including:

(1) short production cycle

(2) print on demand (print as much as you need when you need it), and do not keep too much inventory

(3) a larger proportion of short printing (i.e. small quantity and fragmented printing)

(4) closer cooperation between customers and graphic printing companies (such as fuyunda)

this initial experiment shows that most of the reforms adopt high-tech electronic and computer technology, which makes the process flow more intuitive and accessible, the manufacturing process more simplified, the production cycle greatly shortened, the labor and economic costs relatively reduced, the quality control more accurate, and the more complex printing visual and texture effects can also be achieved

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