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Tencent Chen Lei: strive to build an open-source cloud platform for great collaborative wisdom sharing

with the rise of cloud computing and other technologies, the development of open-source culture and open-source software in China has increasingly shown positive signals, and has more and more fans. However, at present, there are still few influential open-source projects in China in the world, and Chinese open-source software developers are also generally faced with capital, server resources Serious lack of promotion platform and other resources. In this case, the success rate of glass ionomer Group filling is 88.7%. Based on the social sense of both sides and the common concern for China's open source ecosystem, Tencent and CSDN reached strategic cooperation at the open source technology conference 2014 hosted by Tencent social networking group vice president Chen Lei, CSDN founder and Chairman Jiang Tao. In order to promote the construction of China's open source culture, Tencent and CSDN will jointly build China's largest open source community

Chen Lei, vice president of Tencent social networking group during the meeting, Chen Lei, vice president of Tencent social networking group, said in an interview with CCID that Tencent decided to open up more than 500 open source projects involving the core technologies of Tencent's internal businesses. While announcing its cooperation with CSDN, it will gradually open up, and will soon promote the society through its cooperation with CSDN, so that more developers can see these codes, And better apply these codes

the first step of open source

I have managed the open platform, guangdiantong social advertising and Tencent cloud in Tencent. I entered Tencent a week before the 3Q war, so I was lucky to evaluate the smooth function of various smoothing agents. The ring block friction and wear tester witnessed the whole opening process of Tencent. Chen Lei introduced while recalling that opening the interface is the first step of Tencent's opening up, which is also a very difficult step. At the end of 2012, under the given external stress conditions, Tencent changed from an open interface to an open capability. Now, it is opening Tencent cloud to the whole society

in the early stage, Tencent will open source six very valuable projects, which are relatively unique projects for both developers and the industry. Chen Lei said that this step taken today is to open Tencent's code. Every time it becomes more open, it actually brings a very valuable harvest to Tencent

great open source vision

based on the cloud, build a platform for collaboration and wisdom sharing. From knowledge to real development, open source projects can be better operated and promoted in China and even the world. This is the original intention of Chen Lei and Jiang Tao to establish cooperation. Tencent is constantly opening up, and its understanding of openness is deepening. Chen Lei believes that openness is a process that enables us to communicate more deeply with the industry. In fact, all major advances in human history can not be separated from a big explosion of communication

Chen Lei, vice president of Tencent social networking business group, and Jiang Tao, founder and chairman of CSDN were interviewed together

Internet itself is a platform for communication, and open source and openness are the basis for the development of the entire Internet industry. When reviewing the development process of the Internet industry, Chen Lei said that in the earliest days, many software was exchanged by professors or engineers from schools in various countries through e-mail, which was an early open source method. Every step of the development of the Internet industry has the power of open source. Therefore, Tencent hopes to promote exchanges with the industry

nowadays, code is no longer the core value of a software company. If Tencent completely opens up the code of or, will there be one in this industry? Chen Lei believes that it is actually very difficult. Tencent doesn't think that code is the core value of the company, but culture is the real core, and open source is a platform to promote the company's culture. Tencent hopes to promote some R & D culture through its own open source projects

Tencent's massive way

unix and Linux have affected a generation, and Android has affected a generation of mobile application developers. Tencent has always had an eight way mass. According to Chen Lei, Tencent's technicians have long followed some very important R & D cultures that enable Tencent to succeed. For example, run fast in small steps, carry it first and then optimize it, operate, reconstruct and live at the same time, bend down every day and move every day. Although these words are rustic, they are all reasonable and must be followed by Tencent's R & D team

construction, development and planning in the cloud. Chen Lei believes that the reason why Tencent can be Tencent is that Tencent always adheres to the cloud method to manage its own technical system and various projects. Tencent hopes to influence more developers through open source and massive ways. Let more developers make fewer mistakes and learn more experience

tens of millions of open source investment plans

the interview was coming to an end. Finally, Chen Lei couldn't help revealing their open source support plan. He said that in addition to making open source by itself, Tencent would also spend a large amount of money to support the open source industry through Tencent public welfare, and invest more than 10 million funds in stages to help the development of the open source community and the continuous development and rolling of the entire open source ecosystem. In addition, it is willing to provide free support for the migration of the open source community to Tencent cloud. Build a track to success for developers who are keen on open source and accelerate their success

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