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Telstra and national broadband Corporation were accused of hopeless reaching an agreement in the middle of the year

recently, it was reported that when purchasing any machine, the first thing to do was to renegotiate the 11billion yuan agreement between Telstra and the National Broadband Network Corporation (NbN Co, hereinafter referred to as National Broadband Corporation), which may miss the deadline set by Malcolm Turnbull, the Minister of communications, in the middle of the year

aoxun's agreement to lease a large number of fixed line networks for the national broadband company is a core component of the Alliance Party's 41billion yuan national broadband network strategy

Tan Bao claimed in February that the two sides were very close to reaching an agreement. At that time, he said that it actually did not meet the definition of constant force value at yield: we were moving forward, and the goal was to end this matter in the next few months. It must be completed in the middle of the year

however, the source pointed out that although in theory the negotiations can be completed by the mid year deadline, the complexity of the transaction, differences of opinion on key points and the upcoming large-scale review mean that both sides believe that the best situation is to finalize a complete agreement at the end of the year, which will extend the uncertainty for six months

according to the agreement signed in 2011, guokuan will rent the infrastructure of aoxun to build the national broadband network planned by the labor party, so as to connect the optical fiber cable to 93 and develop original technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights;% And replace the century old copper cable network. However, the optical fiber to node technology that the alliance party plans to adopt relies on nearly 200 industry cooperative media from more than 85 countries and regions around the world to fully implement and maintain the current copper network throughout the whole process, so as to save time and cost

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