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2017 five innovative food packaging machinery inventory

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core tip: with industry 4 0, the food machinery industry has started a new industrial revolution. Efficient, accurate and intelligent become the innovative direction of food machinery

[China Packaging News] with the development of industry 4 0, the food machinery industry has started a new industrial revolution. Efficient, accurate and intelligent become the innovative direction of food machinery

in 2017, a series of food machinery with high specifications that have not yet formed a system level standardized product list with international competitiveness were launched worldwide, helping food producers improve efficiency and take the lead with other enterprises. The following five excellent new mechanical products were selected by foreign stations

1. Tetra Pak: ice cream extrusion production line

in September this year, Tetra Pak launched a new ice cream extrusion production line to provide medium-sized producers with "unparalleled product quality". The machine allows ice cream producers to switch between multiple products on the same production line, such as sandwiches, cones, planet cups, candy lumps or cakes. The new production line uses an independently controlled horizontal cutting machine to discharge the ice cream from the extruder. This patented technology means that the cutting speed is always fast, regardless of the linear speed, "even at low productivity, it can ensure accurate and clean cutting"

2. KHS: high performance PET bottle packaging machine

the one-time molding and filling plastic bottle production line of the packaging manufacturer KHS does not rely on injecting sterile air to expand the PET bottle blank, but the machine directly injects the liquid content

in the traditional processing of plastic containers, the machine needs to heat the preform according to the required temperature curve, and then press the product to be filled into the pet preform under the pressure of controlled volume flow

in contrast to compressed air, bottles are formed from the product to be filled. In this process, the preform materials are automatically distributed along the internal contour of the container shape. The stretching rod aligns the bottle longitudinally and automatically retracts from the container after filling. When the exhaust volume is removed, the cap is placed before the neck to reach the given filling level

by eliminating the whole function module and the rotating machinery with smaller diameter, the total space required by this new packaging machine is reduced. In the current test environment of 40000 bottles per hour impact machine operation steps, the space occupied by the packaging machine only needs 25% of the installation space of the standard stretch blow molding machine/filling machine

at the same time, users will improve efficiency in terms of time, energy and maintenance. Since the traditional stretch blow molding process is no longer needed, it can fill PET containers more quickly. The time of forming and filling is about the same as that of the previous separate stretch blow molding process. It also reduces maintenance costs by using fewer parts and format parts

3. Alfa Laval: dealcoholization module

at Drinktec 2017, Alfa Laval showed its dealcoholization module, which can produce beer with alcohol content below 0.5%. It also summarizes the application trend of carbon fiber composites in automobile, aircraft and other fields. Firstly, the beer is degassed, and the condensable volatiles are returned to the beer flow, and then the upward flowing steam in the special stripper is used to remove alcohol. Alcohol leaves as steam, condenses and collects. Alfa Laval said that this is a "fully automated and energy-saving" module, which uses the stripping principle and pressure of "particularly effective at low temperatures" to reduce operating costs, so as to provide a reliable one-way alcohol removal path

4. Sidel: an all-in-one line that can be sold instantly

packaging manufacturer Sidel launched the super combi all-in-one line, which is an integrated system for the production of water and carbonated soft drinks, and can provide products for immediate sale. At Drinktec 2017, like other polyurethane materials, this machine is called the "next generation" solution, and has five process steps: preform machine, blower, labeling machine, filling machine/capping machine and capping machine. In order to ensure more sustainable production, super combi is designed to minimize the use of resources. Sidel said that the power consumption was reduced by up to 45%, and the heating time of bottle blank was reduced by up to 15%

5. Tetra Pak: intelligent customized modular heating system

Tetra Pak also launched a modular heating system named intelligent customization, which is said to provide customized processing solutions for food and beverage manufacturers. Modules based on the company's dairy, beverage and food processing technology can be combined into a variety of configurations. Solutions can be upgraded to support customers' product expansion from milk and cream, to granular beverages, from baby food to a wider range of prefabricated foods. Tetra Pak has completed trials of a new modular product portfolio with European and Russian customers

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