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Delta Electronics celebrated the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Wujiang plant and announced the 2010 brand year

core tip: on June 18, 2010, with joy, the Wujiang plant of Delta Electronics ushered in the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the plant. More than 30000 people attended the ceremony, including Ms. duguoling, director of the Standing Committee of Suzhou Municipal People's Congress, representatives of Wujiang municipal government, zhengchonghua, founder and chairman of delta group, executives of delta, customer representatives and employees of Wujiang factory

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gkong news on June 18, 2010, with joy, TEDA electronics Wujiang plant ushered in the 10th anniversary of the founding of the plant. Ms. Du Guoling, director of the standing Committee of Suzhou Municipal People's Congress, representative of Wujiang municipal government, founder and chairman of TEDA group, Zheng Chonghua, TEDA executives, customer representatives and employees of Wujiang plant totaled 30000 More than people attended the grand ceremony

ZHENG Chonghua, founder and chairman of delta group, and Du Guoling, director of the Standing Committee of Suzhou Municipal People's Congress, watched the performance

the celebration site is a sea of joy

after 10 years of development, Delta has made brilliant achievements in the Chinese market. The market of communication power supply ranks first in China, the sales volume of optical machinery ranks first in China, and the market of low-voltage inverter, servo motor and small PLC ranks top five in China

since its establishment in 1992, Delta Electronics has successively established large-scale R & D and production bases in the mainland, and successively set up factories in Dongguan, Tianjin, Wujiang, Wuhu and Chenzhou. Relying on the strong technical background and solid production capacity of the parent company, Zhongda Diantong is rooted in the local industrial market and has set up 35 professional business and technical support teams in various regions of the country, so as to build a solid and dense service network. So far, the compound annual growth rate is 41%. In 2009, the turnover exceeded 3 billion yuan, and the business and influence spread throughout the mainland

it is reported that at the early stage of its establishment, Zhongda Diantong was a service and communication operator of the power division. With the continuous expansion of its product line, it later established the electromechanical and video division. With the understanding of the market and the in-depth grasp of industry technology, the energy and railway division was established in 2009 to provide reliable, efficient and energy-saving solutions and services for more industrial users

adhering to the concept of daring to change and sustainable management and the mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth, Delta Electronics has moved from it to ET, and continues to invest in the development of energy-saving and environmental protection products, including solar power systems, LED lighting applications, electronic paper, and key components of electric vehicles. The new world is due to their forward-looking products with continuous innovation in core technologies. Its new global green building factory adopts a variety of energy-saving and waste reduction technologies, which can provide a natural and healthy working environment, and can save more than 30% of energy consumption compared with traditional buildings

excellent performance of delta staff art club

at the celebration, zhengchonghua, founder and chairman of delta group, said: over the past decade, with the efforts of all colleagues and the active assistance of local governments, Wujiang plant has grown rapidly and become another important production base after Dongguan Shijie plant. Different from the Dongguan plant in terms of product positioning, Zhongda's planned products in Wujiang, such as communication power supply for base stations and switches, industrial automation products and control systems, continuous power systems, video imaging products, etc., are mostly in the field of ET (energy tech), and a considerable proportion are to meet the needs of the domestic market

俆俆俆俆俆俆俆俆俆, Secretary of Wujiang municipal Party committee, said: after 10 years of development, the total investment in Wujiang plant area of Delta Electronics has reached 300 million US dollars, and has now become the largest investment enterprise in Wujiang. Its output of power supply and transformer components, heat dissipation products, network products and other products has occupied the top three in the world. Today, delta is also committed to the development of new energy industry, increasing capital and expanding production in Wujiang, which fully reflects the corporate mission of delta to protect the environment, save energy and love the earth

blessings for the 10th anniversary of delta baby harvest

delta presented awards to model employees

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from nonexistence and reproducibility of environmental conditions to existence, after ten years of hard work, it has developed into a manufacturing base with a scale of more than 30000 people. Zheng Ping, President of delta group China, said that in the twinkling of an eye, Wujiang Zhongda has spent ten years. In the past ten years, Zhongda has learned from the past and been a toddler; In the past ten years, Zhongda has bravely advanced and cut through thorns and thorns. Little by little over the past decade, the group has stood more firmly in China. In the future, Zhongda will not only be an important new product production base in delta mainland, but also an important pilot for us to move from ODM to brand. Now, delta electric not only sells products, but also sells overall solutions to increase interaction with consumers. The reason for customers to buy delta products is not because of good quality and low price, but because they agree with the green spirit of the brand

in the interview, Yin Laibo, general manager of delta group Zhongda electronics, said that ten years ago, delta group chose to settle in Wujiang, becoming another production base in China after the Dongguan plant. With the assistance of the Dongguan team, the production platform of Wujiang plant has become increasingly stable, the product range has been gradually expanded, and the manufacturing process has been continuously refined. After ten years of spring rain and summer, autumn wind and winter snow, remarkable results have been achieved in all indicators along the way. In the past ten years, we have accumulated sufficient energy and confidence. Looking forward to the future, we are full of infinite vitality and infinite hope

according to haiyingjun, vice chairman and executive director of delta group, the output value of Wujiang plant in 2009 was nearly US $2billion, accounting for more than one third of the total output value of delta group, and it is expected to grow significantly this year. Wujiang factory is not only the largest manufacturing base of delta, but also shoulder the important task of our entering the system and solution business from components and power supply, leading the manufacturing process of Electromechanical, video, communication power and other institutions, and being the strongest backing for colleagues in the business group

a journey of a thousand miles begins with the end. Looking forward to the future, Mr. zhengchonghua said: in the future, we will continue to increase the investment in R & D resources, and design and manufacture products that meet the market demand and contribute to the national society with more advanced technology. (hard rock)

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