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Tanzanian President Kikwete observed Huawei Zhizhen China Africa telemedicine consultation

ct2. As we have said above, on November 11 of ctiforum (Li Wenjie): on October 25, the power units T, kg, N, kn, G, lb. Tanzanian President Kikwete and his delegation visited Shandong provincial hospital and observed a face-to-face remote consultation across China and Africa. The cardiology medical expert in Jinan successfully completed the diagnosis of a patient with hypertension and mixed heart disease far away in Tanzania. The expert's superb medical level and the advanced technology of the telemedicine platform have been repeatedly praised by President Kikwete. All of this is based on Huawei's immersive telepresence and HD video conferencing technology, which is ahead of the industry

Tanzanian President Kikwete (middle) observed telemedicine consultation on the spot

in telemedicine, face-to-face communication between doctors and patients and full HD presentation of medical data are the basic conditions for telemedicine consultation. Huawei's high-end immersive smart system and the new generation of TE SERIES HD video conference terminals provide technical support for the transcontinental ultra long-distance real-time interaction of images, sounds, medical images and other data information of the consultation. On the one hand, the excellent video clarity and fluency make Chinese medical experts and Tanzanian patients feel like living in the same room although they are thousands of miles apart; On the other hand, with its excellent open integration ability, Huawei video conference can also realize the collection and presentation of multi-channel medical data, so that medical experts can view medical data such as electronic medical records, chest X-rays, PACS medical professional images in real time, and easily and quickly obtain first-hand patient information, thus ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of remote consultation

as the leading brand of video conferencing ranked first in the Chinese market, Huawei's remote HD audio and video solution is famous for its high-definition, low bandwidth and super anti packet loss capabilities. It can not only achieve 1080p60fps extreme HD dynamic dual streaming and high fidelity broadband voice above 20kHz, but also realize 1080p HD video communication under 512Kbps ultra-low bandwidth, and has up to 20% anti packet loss capability of IP network at the same time, So as to ensure that users can get high-definition audio and video experience in various complex network environments, especially in transcontinental and transoceanic telemedicine and other application scenarios with high network requirements, these advantages are particularly important

Shandong Provincial Hospital cardiology experts conduct telemedicine consultation

at present, Huawei telemedicine solutions have been successfully applied in the industry, effectively improving the medical treatment in various regions with high strength, accurate size and corrosion resistance. In Henan Province, Huawei has built a telemedicine platform for the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, covering from provincial level to county level, covering 118 counties in the province. It has become the largest telemedicine system in Asia with the highest technical standards and the most perfect functions. This platform has a strong comprehensive ability, which can realize the functions of remote consultation, surgical observation, medical teaching, internal meeting, medical emergency and so on. It has effectively solved the problem of difficult medical treatment in remote areas of Henan Province, and has achieved excellent social response

in addition, Huawei's telemedicine solution has also been applied innovatively in Xinjiang. It integrates local medical resources internally, cooperates with many famous hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai and other places to obtain more technical support externally, and effectively improves the medical service level of local testing instruments that are necessary for quality testing departments of various research institutes and pipe manufacturers by introducing internal connections. The project currently covers 1 Central Hospital, 3 secondary hospitals and 11 community health centers. Its main business applications include remote consultation, distance education, specialist consultation, surgical teaching, remote outpatient service, remote intensive care, patient custody, teaching ward rounds, two-way referral and appointment registration, call center, department collaboration, etc

recently, in order to further meet the business needs of remote consultation, Huawei launched a new generation of mobile medical cart, which enables the mobile application of telemedicine services, so that telemedicine can come out of the professional consultation room and directly extend to the bedside or operating room of patients in the ward, which can meet the business applications of remote intensive care, patient custody, teaching ward rounds and so on, and serve doctors and patients more conveniently

based on Huawei HD video conference system, the cart integrates medical industrial PC, medical display screen and other equipment, which can not only realize HD video communication, but also collect patients' ECG, blood pressure, ultrasound, electronic medical records, examination reports, medical images and other medical data and transmit them to remote experts, so that remote experts can comprehensively grasp patients' information and make accurate diagnosis, It is also convenient to log in to the hospital information system locally to record medical orders, which greatly improves the efficiency of remote consultation

medical informatization represented by telemedicine is a major change in the history of medicine, which will eventually completely change the existing medical model and make medical services more efficient and refined. Just as the popularization of electricity has changed the industrial system, communication technology has changed the way of human communication, and the popularization of Internet has changed the living mode of residents, the application of information technology in medical treatment has gradually replaced the backward traditional mode by a more efficient and convenient mode

Huawei's new mobile medical cart

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