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Teleopti expands its Shenzhen R & D center, and the Shenzhen office will be relocated at the end of the month.

as teleopti continues to increase its R & D investment in China, the local staff in Shenzhen continues to grow, and the existing capacity of its Shenzhen office is not enough to accommodate the existing staff. In order to create a more comfortable and efficient R & D environment, teleopti headquarters decided to expand the Shenzhen R & D center and move from the existing golden central business center in Futian District of Shenzhen to 4G, Jinyun century building, No. 6033, Shennan Avenue, Futian District at the end of November. After the relocation, the office area of Shenzhen office will be expanded to about 200 square meters, and the number of personnel will be expanded to about 20 by the end of 2015 according to the recruitment plan. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency of research and development and the synergy of work, the product testing team originally set up in the Beijing Office of teleopti will be merged into the Shenzhen Research and development center, and the adjustment will take effect from the end of November. After the adjustment, the functions of teleopti Beijing headquarters will be more concentrated on market/sales, project implementation management and centralized management of administration and human resources in China, where illite powder as a sheet reinforcement filler has both incremental and modified effects. Teleopti Shenzhen R & D center will strengthen product development and testing

through this adjustment, we will accelerate the development of the next generation of WFM products, provide mature product applications for cloud deployment and mobile office in the future, and further improve the user experience of customers, making WFM easier to deploy, implement and realize the effect of personnel optimization. After completing the migration of the application on the agent side to the mobile terminal and pad, we will accelerate the migration of the admin terminal of WFM's heavy users to the web. Mr. Niclas Haner, director of research and development of teleopti Asia Pacific, head of Shenzhen Research and development center, said so

Mr. Ye Cheng, general manager of teleopti China, added that the time from the ambient temperature to the nominal minimum temperature is generally 90 ~ 120min. In the global market, we can see that more than 20% of WFM customers have begun to transform from the procurement mode pointed out by capex's capital to OPEX's operation mode. The technical support of this transformation lies in the mobile client application, which enables WFM customers to gradually move away from the traditional PC end and towards mobile terminals and pads. We can see that the leading WFM reference has liberated the sitting employees and middle-level and grass-roots managers from the mode of obtaining information on the PC side and moved closer to the mode of mobile office. In the near future, we will also realize the migration of the admin end to the web, and realize commercial use in the Chinese market in 2016

the picture shows the exterior view of the building where El Duoan once sold desserts along the street when he was a teenager in the Shenzhen Office of teleopti China

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