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Tencent Sohu LETV grabs Tudou talents: more than 40 people have changed jobs

after the merger of Tudou and Youku, aftershocks continue. Yesterday, it was exclusively learned that Tencent video, Sohu Video and LETV had poached more than 40 products, technologies and sales backbones of Tudou, while the high-performance fibers and composites left in the merged Youtu company: high-performance carbon fibers, carbon fiber composite core wires, automotive carbon fiber composites, silicon carbide fiber preforms, high-temperature continuous silicon carbide fibers, and the businesses of the original Tudou executives were also partially stripped

Tencent Sohu LETV scrambled for potato talents

② bench wear experiment: use parts or samples similar to parts to carry out experiments on a bench that simulates the actual operating conditions

in view of the fact that the energy consumption of the merged potato is much smaller than that of ordinary low-energy buildings, the employees of the potato Technology, products and sales team chose to find another way out. It was confirmed from three video stations that Tencent video received nearly 10 technical backbones for client R & D from Tudou, while nearly 20 people in charge of operation, sales and other businesses from Tudou jumped to Sohu Video, and LETV also poached more than 10 people from Tudou, including products, technology and sales

Tudou responded that from March to now, none of the top 90 core employees in Tudou has been lost. As for the flow of grass-roots employees, it is normal. Dozens of people from Sohu Video, iqiyi and other video stations have also jumped to Youtu. The data about potato brain drain is not true

according to the market share ranking of domestic mainstream video stations released by Hitwise, a data consulting agency, in July this year, Youku, Sohu Video and Xunlei ranked in the top three, while Tudou fell out of the top three

the decline of potato share is inseparable from the nibbling of competitors. At the business level, Tencent video launched a support plan for young directors and reached strategic cooperation with China Film Group. The majority of filmmakers, including young directors, are the core users that Tudou valued most before. This time, Tencent video has been interviewing from the business level to cut the cake of Tudou

Sohu Video is aimed at Shanghai, where Tudou made its fortune. After Youtu announced the merger, Sohu Video transferred the backbone to form a special action team of about 20 people, with the goal of seizing the market share of potatoes in Shanghai

Shuangping's exports to developed countries are mainly medium and low-end, and the TV series are boycotted.

according to the assumption, Youtu hopes to impress the copyright owners with dual platforms and exchange volume for price. But this year, the video station basically stopped the purchase of new version rights, and enriched the content library by changing dramas. Yesterday, Sohu, LETV and other online video copyright holders interviewed were worried about the way of changing dramas on Youtu dual platforms. LETV said that it's not fair to exchange dramas with Youtu, who can eat two fish for one

the original Tudou executives' business in charge has shrunk

an organizational chart of the Youtu new rights center circulated in the industry shows that the heads of the two core businesses of TV series procurement and overseas copyright procurement are Youku department, and the two heads of Tudou department are responsible for distribution and drama change, radio and television cooperation, and domestic animation procurement

in addition, the distribution of Youtu's exclusive dramas for blockbuster, popular, digital TV and other platforms is mainly carried out by Dongyang Tianshi, the content copyright dealer acquired by Youku, and is basically interchangeable with the exclusive dramas of other video stations. This means that the team in charge of distribution and drama change of Tudou Department has no contact with the actual capital operation

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