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Tencent cloud joined hands with CommVault to provide secure storage services for users on the cloud

it was learned on November 2 that Tencent cloud object storage cos recently officially passed the CommVault backup software standardization test and obtained official certification

at the same time, CommVault's support for cos has been opened up from the bottom. This means that as long as users purchase the cloud storage space of Tencent cloud cos, they can conduct remote data backup through CommVault, write the data into the storage bucket of COS, or directly access or delete the cos data on CommVault, which greatly simplifies the process of data backup and use, facilitates and quickly realizes data cloud, and can realize backup and disaster recovery in a few minutes

commvault is committed to the innovation of data backup and recovery system, and can provide users with intelligent, fast, reliable and easy-to-use data storage tube spring testing machine, which is mainly divided into three categories. IDC lists CommVault as the leader of enterprise data storage and management software. According to Gartner's latest report, "magic quadrant of data center backup and recovery solutions 2020", CommVault has been in the leader Quadrant for the ninth consecutive time

Tencent cloud, as the fastest-growing cloud manufacturer in China in recent years, has more than 1million developers. According to the report of cloud infrastructure and platform services released by Gartner for the first time, Tencent cloud is one of the seven international manufacturers shortlisted in the magic quadrant. Tencent cloud object storage cos can provide redundant storage of data across multiple architectures and devices, which can not only achieve up to 99% for each storage object (11 9) data persistence and 99.9% service availability, and data cooling through life cycle management can further reduce costs

evaluated the relatively new types of plastic materials

it is understood that the CommVault backup software test passed by Tencent cloud object storage cos covers many test scenarios, such as rapid backup and recovery of massive small files, data deduplication, reliability verification, graphical reports and alarm management, as well as CommVault configuration management function test, file backup and recovery test Daily operation and maintenance management function test and other three major 16 sub functions

the test results show that CommVault is perfectly compatible with object storage COS and can perform various backup and recovery operations on CommVault. CommVault provides a visual interface to centrally manage the file system. Users can not only write data into cos, but also restore the data in COS to other storage media of CommVault, and ensure the reliability of backup data through multiple means such as recoverability verification function and automatic recovery plan formulation

with the development of cloud computing, big data, AI and other new technologies, data has become an important asset of Internet enterprises. However, all kinds of unexpected emergencies, such as natural disasters, power outages, extortion viruses, human errors, etc., may cause data loss or damage, and even economic losses. Therefore, disaster recovery, especially cloud based disaster recovery, becomes particularly important

the relevant person in charge of Tencent cloud said that the cooperation of CommVault is of great significance for enriching the ecosystem of object storage COS and Owens Corning's largest use of the market, and better serving the Chinese market, jointly expanding potential users, and providing users with more convenient, safe and efficient data storage services are the fundamental demands of the cooperation between the two sides

commvault relevant person in charge also said that for CommVault users, Tencent cloud object storage cos provides safe, stable, massive, convenient, low latency, low-cost cloud storage services, and there is no upper capacity limit for storage bucket space, which obviously has a very high cost performance and attraction. Combined with the recoverability verification function of CommVault and other multiple means to ensure the reliability of backup data and effectively protect the data security of users

about CommVault

Data readiness is the concept that CommVault has always adhered to. As the world's leading service provider in the field of data backup and recovery, CommVault data management solutions enable enterprises to store, protect, optimize and use data intelligently in the largest field of automotive polyurethane. CommVault software can provide automatic processing to accelerate it workflow, so that enterprises can fully explore the value of data and gain profound insights that are conducive to business development. CommVault solutions leverage deployed digital tools and programs that can be used across cloud and local environments. CommVault provides customers with advanced software, solutions and related services, and extends its tentacles to the world with the help of its huge global partner ecosystem. CommVault has more than 2300 highly skilled employees in the global market. The company is listed on the Nasdaq stock market (CVLT) and is headquartered in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA

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