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Tan Xuguang: deeply grasp the spirit of state-owned enterprise reform and do a good job in the year-end key work

Tan Xuguang: deeply grasp the spirit of state-owned enterprise reform and do a good job in the year-end key work

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at present, facing the severe challenges of the internal and external environment, it is a good opportunity to force us to vigorously promote reform. Then, what are the clear instructions of the central government and Shandong Province on the reform of state-owned enterprises? What are the key tasks of the reform? Near the end of the year, what are the key tasks of the group

in view of the above main problems, at the third quarter economic operation analysis meeting of Shandong heavy industry · Weichai Power held on the morning of November 15, Tan Xuguang, chairman of Shandong heavy industry group, delivered an important speech entitled "thoroughly implementing the spirit of reform and fully stimulating the vitality of reform", thoroughly understood the spirit of the central and Shandong Provincial documents on the reform of state-owned enterprises, and comprehensively deployed the year-end key work

The guiding opinions on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council was officially released to the public on September 13, marking the full start of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises in the new era. This "guiding opinions" is an important document for the reform of state-owned enterprises to implement the requirements of the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, a strategic blueprint and action program for the reform of state-owned enterprises that is expected to become the company's new profit growth point in the future, and a major leap forward in the reform of state-owned enterprises that carries the historical achievements

the core essence is five main lines: 1. Adhere to and improve the basic economic system, strengthen, optimize and expand state-owned enterprises; 2. Adhere to the reform direction of socialist market economy and build state-owned enterprises into independent market entities; 3. Technical indicators, adhere to the principle of capital management, and actively expand the function of state-owned capital; 4. Strengthen the combination of vitality and supervision; 5. Adhere to the leadership of the party and escort the reform of state-owned enterprises

the specific content of the document is reflected in "six key tasks": namely, promoting reform by classification, improving the modern enterprise system, improving the state-owned asset management system, developing a mixed ownership economy, strengthening supervision to prevent the loss of state-owned assets, and strengthening and improving the party's leadership over state-owned enterprises. From the perspective of enterprises, there are two substantial changes: on the one hand, the biggest innovation is classified management and equity diversification. On the other hand, we should promote the modern enterprise system in the direction of marketization, but the national standards often used in friction and wear testing machines are only the following: construction. It is hoped that all enterprises can deeply study, deeply understand and guide practice after returning

to study and implement the spirit of the central document, we should pay attention to three points: first, every reform of state-owned enterprises in history is a huge release of vitality, promoting the prosperity and development of a batch of state-owned enterprises. This round of reform is undoubtedly the most systematic and profound one of the previous reforms. Due to the need to pay attention to many details in the installation process, the degree of openness and innovation is very high, and it is more closely connected with the market, which contains huge reform dividends. This may be our best chance for reform

Second, the successful practice of Weichai has fully proved the importance of reform. Around 1998, Weichai fell into a development dilemma. We solved the obstacles of the system and mechanism through the reform, and the enterprise realized the subsequent leap forward development only with vitality

Third, the development of these years has covered up the deep-seated problems existing in the group's system and mechanism. At the same time, the enthusiasm and spirit of the reform of leading cadres at all levels are declining, and there is an urgent need for a profound reform to remove obstacles and lay the foundation for the next development. Reform is imminent, and reform is urgent

make every effort to do a good job in the key work at the end of the year

after comprehensively explaining the problems and tasks faced by the reform, Tan Xuguang required that all enterprises must do three things well:

first, do a good job in the formulation and implementation of the 13th five year plan strategy. The 13th five year plan strategy of the group has been formulated. All enterprises should deeply study the future development trend of industry, technology and business model, and earnestly plan the next strategic transformation direction and ideas

second, formulate a three-year business plan and next year's budget. How to develop next year and even the next three years must have very clear goals and action lines, and be strictly implemented into action

third, we should finish the work of the whole year. We should systematically sort out the unfinished work in combination with the annual work plan, speed up the progress, and make the work plan for next year as soon as possible, so as to lay a good foundation

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