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Ten years of cooperation with Zhongda service partners - Delta ups to ensure the power security of Gansu Mobile

since the establishment of Gansu Mobile in 1999, it has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Zhongda Diantong. Over the past year, Gansu Mobile has repeatedly selected delta NT series UPS to provide uninterrupted power support for its phase I and phase II boss systems and phase V SMS systems

it is reported that Gansu Mobile has 13 municipal branches, 3 centers directly under it, and more than 10 county (city, district) companies, mainly engaged in mobile voice, data, IP and multimedia services. As the core product of Gansu Mobile's business operation support system, scientific research is on a par with the industry. The boss system is constantly being transformed and improved in order to fully take over the original system functions of the province, such as billing, settlement, business, accounting and customer service, and establish a "customer user account" business model to form a real 360 degree customer view, And according to different customers to provide national intellectual property rights: impact experiment cryometer marketing and differentiated classification services

after the centralized transformation of the boss system, the business development and services of Gansu Province will rely entirely on the boss system. Once the system fails, not only will all business acceptance and services be affected, but also business data will be lost. Therefore, it is urgent to use UPS to ensure the normal operation of the system and the integrity of data. Delta UPS has established a cooperative relationship with Gansu Mobile since its establishment, and it has been nearly ten years now. Gansu Mobile also has a deep understanding and affirmation of the stability of delta ups

delta NT series UPS, which won the bid recently, is designed for large users. It adopts a number of advanced technologies and adheres to the consistent excellent quality of delta series UPS. Its ultra-high input voltage and ultra-strong output power, which are mainly composed of SiO2 (content 72%), (Al2O3 content 14%), can fully adapt to the complex and volatile power environment in Gansu. It adopts advanced IGBT high-frequency switching sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology with a proportion of 15.56%, so that UPS power supply has good quality, high efficiency, low heat loss, low noise, small volume and long service life. Its modular design can reduce the average repair time and make the maintenance easier. In addition, the fully digital design, simplifying the complex analog circuit and greatly reducing the number of parts, can make the system more safe and reliable

in the process of nearly ten years of cooperation, Zhongda power connect has always been for the sake of customers, assisted customers in equipment upgrading, and also inspected the equipment from time to time to ensure the safe and stable operation of delta ups. Such meticulous and considerate service has been unanimously praised and recognized by Gansu Mobile. In the future, the cooperation between Zhongda Diantong and Gansu Mobile will continue to create another decade, or even a hundred years

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