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Tencent launched the SaaS technology alliance, and sales e-commerce will work with Tencent to jointly build a technology middle platform

on January 7, 2020, Tencent announced the official launch of the SaaS technology alliance to jointly build a technology middle platform with Tencent SaaS accelerator members, a number of SaaS manufacturers to reduce difficulties in the process of sample preparation, as well as enterprises, Tencent conferences, enterprise sites and other Tencent internal SaaS products. As a member of Tencent's SA computer to prevent deletion and concealment of files, salese was invited to participate in the kick-off meeting and work with Tencent to build a technology center

Tencent SaaS technology alliance

at the end of October 2019, Tencent launched the Qianfan plan. The plan includes three major projects in the crash of Asiana Airlines flight 214 caused by Yiyun on July 6 last year. First, there are electronic densitometers, impact testing machines, melt index meters, etc. What are tensile machines? What about the electronic tensile testing machine? Cloud represents Tencent cloud, which will provide stable infrastructure and underlying technical support for SaaS enterprises, and one side represents enterprises to provide C2B connectivity for SaaS enterprises. The three major projects include SaaS accelerator, SaaS selection and SaaS technology alliance to provide sales, technology, capital and training services for manufacturers. As an important part of Tencent's SaaS ecological Qianfan plan, SaaS technology alliance aims to solve the problems of interconnection, efficient integration and R & D efficiency among SaaS manufacturers, so as to improve the R & D and delivery efficiency of SaaS manufacturers. This issue will be jointly completed through the SaaS technology alliance, which will jointly form a technology midrange, including three parts: idaas (identity as a service), ipaas (integrated platform as a service) and apaas (application platform as a service)

as early as 2015, the pioneer of enterprise level new CRM, sales Yi, began to invest a lot of energy in building the apaas platform. After four years of continuous polishing, CRM products that rely on the ability to sell the apaas platform have won the favor of many large enterprise customers such as ICBC, Tencent cloud, Lenovo Group, Shanghai Electric, Shengu group, and achieved the stage from vision to landing. As one of the first SaaS manufacturers to launch the PAAS project in China, salese apaas was successfully selected into the list of recommended suppliers of Gartner PAAS last year

the founder and CEO of salesease once mentioned that the current product architecture of salesease is PAAS platform + cloud products built based on the platform, which connects the functions shared by the front end to the PAAS platform. At the engage2019 conference held last September, salesease launched a customer digital platform, which is the result of the in-depth cooperation between salesease and Tencent. It has built a one-stop platform from marketing to customer acquisition to customer service. It not only includes the application layer products of engagesuite, but also includes infrastructure and services such as PAAS and IAAs, as well as a third-party cooperation ecosystem, This all-round integration from the underlying architecture to the front desk port effectively solves the problems of high cost of enterprise self-development and difficult iteration, as well as the chimney data island dilemma caused by business departments' respective purchase of IT services

sales easy customer digital platform

in the cooperation with Tencent, based on the same connection gene, sales easy has successively jointly launched a customer operation cloud platform with Tencent; Joint enterprises release enterprise based industry CRM solutions; Cooperate with Tencent conference to take the lead in realizing crm+ recordable and traceable video conference function. In the future, with the deepening cooperation between salesease and Tencent, the integration scheme of social connectivity +crm process + big data will bring great value to the digital transformation of industrial customers and better help B2B and B2C enterprises realize the refined operation of the whole customer journey

Shi Yanze, the founder and CEO of sales e-commerce, said he hoped to work with Tencent to create an integrated SaaS application solution based on customer needs, eliminate the difficulties of various software integration, and better help Chinese enterprises achieve digital transformation

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