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On January 8, Tencent cloud Chongqing Blackstone data center was officially opened to the public. The data center relies on Blackstone server cluster to build a high-performance computing (HPC) zone, which fully meets the super large computing needs in industrial manufacturing and other scenarios, helps the industry in the southwest transform to intelligence, and promotes the deep integration of interconnection, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy

1. Cloud computing enables industrial intelligent manufacturing to promote the transformation of the southwest real economy

under the made in China 2025 strategy and the wave of industry 4.0, new generation information technologies such as cloud computing and big data are deeply integrated with traditional industries, and the world is accelerating into the era of intelligent economy with intelligent manufacturing as the core

Southwest China is an important industrial base in China. It has a considerable scale in the fields of equipment, machinery, electronics, chemical industry and so on, and has built an industrial ecosystem dominated by the machinery industry and combined with light and light industries as a whole

based on the overall goal of serving the industrial manufacturing transformation in Southwest China, Tencent cloud Chongqing Blackstone data center will form a pattern of radiating from Chongqing industry to the manufacturing industry in Southwest China. Relying on Blackstone server computing cluster, the output of supercomputing cloud solutions, in the form of cloud services, provides scientific research level high-performance computing power and Internet technology capabilities for the industrial manufacturing industry in the southwest, and helps the intelligent transformation of enterprises in the southwest

Tencent cloud Chongqing Blackstone data center is the continuation of a series of cooperation between Chongqing and Tencent. Previously, Chongqing and Tencent have launched in-depth cooperation in Internet + government affairs, maker space, smart transportation, smart city and other aspects

Ma Huateng, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Tencent, previously said that Tencent would explore and establish a long-term mechanism for cooperation with Chongqing, actively participate in the process of Chongqing's intellectualization, accelerate the development of smart industries such as big data and cloud services, constantly expand cooperation fields, improve cooperation levels, and achieve win-win development

2. The landing weight of cutting-edge technological achievements can give polypropylene better optical performance and better adapt to the application needs of industrial manufacturing industry

Tencent cloud has applied a number of leading technological achievements in Chongqing Blackstone data center to better adapt to the high-performance computing needs in industrial and other scenarios

wujianjian, director of advanced products of Tencent cloud deep customization cloud, introduced that Tencent cloud Chongqing Blackstone data center has specially designed a network architecture with high availability, high bandwidth and strong scalability for HPC clusters, which can provide users with RDMA networks with single instance 100g and 40g terminal access capabilities. Based on SDN technology, a large bandwidth network capability is built, which improves the network access capability of a single server from the original 10g to 4-10 times, and reduces the network delay to 1.5 s, which greatly reduces the processing delay on the server side, and provides acceleration capabilities for industrial high-performance computing applications such as CAE. At the same time, it also provides gpudirect RDMA function, which greatly improves the bandwidth and delay performance between multiple computers and multiple GPUs

in Chongqing Blackstone data center, Tencent cloud also joined Intel to take the lead in enabling Intel? SSD subsystem of SSD p4500 series ruler interface. As the SSD form of the next generation data center, ruler optimizes the heat dissipation, improves the capacity density of the whole SSD, greatly improves the serviceability and scalability of SSD, and can provide 1PB of amazing storage capacity in 1U space, while reducing the construction cost and operation cost of user storage

in addition, Tencent cloud also took the lead in providing a parallel file system in Chongqing Blackstone data center

based on Tencent's experience in massive data storage for many years, Tencent cloud launched a parallel file system that has no single point and can be expanded horizontally. It supports horizontal linear expansion on demand. The capacity of a single cluster can reach 20pb, and can support more than 1billion files to be parallel at the same time. Compared with the traditional mode, it is more than 100 times higher, and it supports up to 40Gb throughput bandwidth in Tencent business, which is more than 40 times higher than the traditional storage mode

at the same time, otherwise, not only will the experiment not be very successful, the system will gradually replace the mechanical experimental system, which can provide a standard file access protocol, and users can quickly integrate it into the existing architecture; It also provides a redundancy mode of erasure code, which greatly reduces the storage cost compared with the copy disaster recovery mode. In addition, it can support host and rack latitude disaster tolerance, and provide quota and access control services to achieve business isolation

3. Building an industrial intelligent ecosystem and promoting the landing of industrial intelligent manufacturing cloud

high performance computing requires not only strong computing power, but also targeted matching solutions from the application layer. Wu Jianjian introduced that on the basis of advantages and basic capabilities, Tencent cloud and its partners work together to build an HPC and industrial design ecosystem, so that high-performance computing can better serve industrial intelligence and promote the implementation of industrial intelligent manufacturing cloud

at present, Tencent cloud has reached cooperation with Shanghai suochen Information Technology Co., Ltd. Suochen is a leading company in China with complete independent intellectual property rights of CAE software. Tencent cloud and suochen will jointly launch the SaaS mode of CAE software to help realize the innovation in the industrial field, IOT and big data

in addition, Tencent cloud has also introduced HPC ISV partners such as parallel technology, Tianyun software and Jingxing RuiChuang to help customers migrate HPC applications to the cloud

the deep combination of informatization and industrialization will bring a lot of imagination to traditional industries. Tencent cloud Blackstone data center is committed to bringing high-performance computing capabilities and cloud technology capabilities to the southwest, providing the source power for the intelligent transformation of traditional industrial manufacturing in the southwest. Wu Jianjian said that in the future, Tencent cloud will also connect partners more widely to help China's integration of industrialization and industrialization with a new ecosystem of intelligence + industry

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