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Talking to robots? Replicant AI gets $7million

talk to robots? Replicant AI received $7million in funding

-- the founder of Replicant AI, a conversational voice AI platform, announced that it received $7million in seed funding

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cti Forum () news on July 29 (compilation/old Qin): improving the effectiveness of contact centers is the main focus of customer service delivery organizations everywhere. There are many ways to improve and enhance the customer experience. In recent years, self-service tools and chat robots have become more extensive, allowing customers to quickly solve queries. Although a large number of customers want to interact, ordinary routine queries will reduce the efficiency of the call center, increase the waiting time of other customers, and reduce the workplace enjoyment of seats

what if there is a platform that can eliminate the call waiting time, improve the efficiency of the contact center and prevent the agents from answering the same query 50 times a day? Now there may be a way

replicant AI, I believe we are now in a stage where artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can enable machines to interact with humans in a truly useful way. Its platform can realize the complete voice dialogue between people and their thinking machines. It is an artificial intelligence conversation robot. The robot can process a series of queries and answer them 24/7 without waiting or connection delay

Replicant has developed its proprietary AI technology for more than two years. The agent robot can understand and process complete sentences, not just keywords or phrases. Traditionally, a disadvantage of this technology is the lag in the processing process, but Replicant's robot analyzes the interaction and forms a dialogue voice response in one second. By integrating the background API into other business systems, robots can handle tasks such as booking tickets, updating information or answering queries

if the robot's interaction becomes too complex, it can upgrade the call and transfer the interaction to the real human agent, transferring all relevant information and context from the previous session. Using machine learning, robots will hone their skills over time as the platform builds the experience of previous interactions and monitors the technology of intelligent tools, equipment and systems to achieve the set goals in a close to the best way through the measurement and control system

Gadi shamia, CEO of Replicant AI

this week, Replicant announced that it had received $7million in seed funds from a number of forward-looking venture capital companies, including atomic, Bloomberg beta, costanoa ventures and northwest venture partners. Atomic has been successful in other successful technology enterprises before, including hi symbol MS, bungalow and talkiq. In addition to funding, Replicant also hired industry expert gadishamia, who is the chief operating officer of the contact center Unicorn talkdesk and the new CEO. UC today talked with shamia to learn more about replicantai and what they plan for the industry

shamia explained that previous interactions between machines and people needed to reduce complexity to accommodate robots. Shorten sentences, speak slowly and reduce compound phrases, just as you speak to a very young child. Replicant is not like this, because its AI technology can realize more natural and fast interaction

we want to upgrade the machine to the level of this caller. We hope that customers can talk with robots as if they were talking with real people

it is not easy to establish real interaction with robots. It takes two years of development and great attention to details to ensure that the delay before the robot responds can be fundamentally reduced. In addition to rapid response, robots also need to be able to understand subtle nuances and multiple sentences. These sentences may contain several key information, which may be useful in future interactions

the team invested a lot of energy to create a really fast brain that can produce answers in 20 milliseconds

replicant AI robot call information

replicant has been postponed by technology. It needs to record everyone's statement and forward it to the platform to be analyzed, so that it is crucial to respond quickly, so that the delay of voice call will not make people feel delayed

replicant uses AI and machine learning algorithms to find new ways to solve problems and analyze data, creating a collective brain for contact centers. Its foundation is Replicant's thinking machine, which can collect the knowledge of each call in the central nervous network and become more intelligent over time

the potential application of this platform is huge. Since enterprises obviously spend more than $1trillion a year on customer service, it is obvious to reduce the opportunities of these calls by eliminating the interaction of human agents in the call center. Replicant's plan does not stop there. At present, it is only available as a robot based on English language, while other key languages will be developed in the future

language is an obstacle to customer service. We are happy to develop in other languages so that we can help companies around the world improve their customer service. This is definitely part of our plan

replicant AI dashboard

one of the biggest costs of international customer service organizations is multilingual seats or contact centers in different regions to meet the needs of different languages. If Replicant can provide robots that interact in Spanish, Mandarin or French in the future, the possibility of cost reduction will be greater. Shamia does tell us that this advanced technology really requires a lot of in-depth understanding of the language

with his industry history in talkdesk, a business that has grown from an initial capital of $10million to a current value of more than $1billion, shamia recognizes the great opportunity of replicantai. Shamia cites the shift towards automation in manufacturing. All manufacturing industries have changed. Now, products are generated more quickly, with better quality, and bring benefits to customers. In contrast, there are not many automation applications in commercial or white-collar workplaces

we are realizing an era in which more business processes can be automated through AI, which will truly improve everyone's productivity, make the enterprise more effective, and provide better customer service

therefore, the next time you call the enterprise, you may talk to the customer service robot. Or, in fact, will you know that it is a robot

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