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Are guns getting banned in Woodlands County? Don’t believe everything you hear online - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

At the mid-August Woodlands County Council meeting, the topic of gun use on county properties popped up. A shortened clip from the online meeting feed shared on social media implied that Woodlands County Council wanted to impose gun control. For Councillor Ron GovenlockThe reopening process., the social media conversation was concerning.

“People are being misled. I am responsible to my residents and all of Woodlands County to represent their concerns and bring forward possible solutions to those issuesDine-in restaurants. Now, my resident’s concerns are being overshadowed by a video on social media that makes the concerns seem to be about gun control rather than about one person’s behaviour,” he explained.

During the meeting, Councillor Govenlock brought up a concern raised to him by a neighbour about the use of firearms in a specific context. “His immediate neighbour is using firearms from the early mornings right through until the dark of night. He had approached this residentsome similarities,, who was using his property as a gun range, and asked them to curtail their activities because he had to work in the morning, and it was preventing him from getting the rest he needed to continue his day.”

Councillor Govenlock explained that the resident who approached him wondered what they had to do to get help. “Other neighbours had expressed the same concerns, and he wanted to know if he had to get a petition going to get Woodlands County to act on the matter.” Councillor Govenlock said the resident had approached his neighbour about the issue and was told to call the police if he didn’t like it. “The police have been called in the pastThe epicenter o. They have failed to respond to the matter, and there is some uncertainty as to the options the County has to enforce anything on this specific property,” he explained.

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