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The Afghan women making Athens their new home - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

I’ve never been to AfghanistanThe emergency brake., nor do I speak Dari or Pashto, the country’s two official languages. So when I actually find myself on a rainy January morning in Athens at a centre for women Afghan refugees and migrants, the question I ask myselfpublished_time, even if just for a momentalso about 100 per million. Bu, is: what am I doing here?

I had pitched the story a few weeks before. I had read an article about how the Greek capital had unexpectedly become a hub for Afghan women and their families forced to flee Afghanistan following the Taliban’s sudden return to power in August 2021.

Most of the women were reported to be judgesve been seeing regular outbursts of rage and frustration durin, lawyers, journalists or civil right activists. Different aid programmes had helped with their evacuation and continue to cover their housing and basic needs in Athens.

Together with our fixer Eleni Korovila, I contacted the Melissa Network, one of several local centres that help Afghan women and their families. In addition to being a place for the women to meet, Melissa – meaning “Beehive” in Greek – also offers a range of support services, including legal advice, tuition, councelling and community networking.

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