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5g connected cloud bearer - the foam granulator case of Fiberhome fithaul solution was released

on June 29, 2017, Fiberhome communications held a Fiberhome fithaul solution conference with the theme of 5g connected cloud bearer at the New International Expo Center in Pudong, Shanghai. Fithaul's new 5g oriented bearer solution fully embodies the concept of ubiquitous, ultra wide, minimalist and on-demand architecture. Fiberhome is willing to work with customers and partners to open the 5g era and share a bright future of collaboration

with the development of 4G becoming mature, 5g with broad prospects has begun. In his speech at the press conference that afternoon, Mr. hejianming, vice president of Fiberhome communications, said that 5g would bring infinite possibilities to the work and life of electronic and electrical products. In the future, the deep integration of 5g with cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, virtual augmented reality and other technologies will connect people and everything and become the key infrastructure for digital transformation in all walks of life. On the one hand, 5g will provide users with more immersive business experiences such as ultra-high definition video, next-generation social networking and immersive games, and promote the upgrading of human interaction mode again. On the other hand, 5g will support a large number of machine communications. Typical application scenarios represented by smart cities and smart homes are deeply integrated with mobile communications. It is expected that hundreds of billions of devices will be connected to 5g networks. More importantly, 5g will also ignite vertical industry applications such as car service, mobile medicine and industrial interconnection with its excellent performance of ultra-high reliability and ultra-low delay. These new application scenarios will bring great challenges to the transmission bandwidth, delay, time synchronization and other functions and indicators

Deputy Vice President hejianming delivers a speech

at the release stage, Mr. fanzhiwen, President of Fiberhome communication network products and outlets, elaborated on the fithaul bearer solution. In order to meet the differentiated demands of the three typical application scenarios of embB, urllc and mmtc in the 5g era in terms of large bandwidth, low delay, high precision, security, mobility, wide coverage and low power consumption, the fithaul bearer solution released by Fiberhome proposes to build a cloud network architecture with DC as the core, and introduces the key technologies of 5g bearer such as flex, b100g, Sr, SDN and eclocksync to provide users with lower delay, higher precision More flexible network bearing and service awareness

fithaul is a 5g oriented application of fitnet. Its ubiquitous, ultra wide, minimalist and on-demand characteristics will once again reflect its value in the 5g era. Light is omnipresent, the network is fully covered and the services are fully connected. The integrated platform realizes the unified access and bearing of the front, middle and return services; It provides ultra wide and large capacity pipelines from 25g and 100g to n 100g and N 400g, and has the new connotation of ultra-low delay, ultra-high precision and green low power consumption; Flexe realizes the normalized bearing of business, SDN and Sr realize the agile service provision for customers, and make the use environment of network construction, maintenance and pipe concrete pressure testing machine extremely simplified; Fithaul and 5g cloud are highly coordinated to achieve on-demand bandwidth, network and policy

Mr. fanzhiwen released the Fiberhome fithaul solution

the on-site people actively asked questions in the subsequent Q & a session. Mr. fanzhiwen and Dr. Majun, director of network production and outgoing line planning, answered the relevant questions raised by them one by one

5g connected cloud bearer. The successful release of Fiberhome fithaul solution for 5g bearer will always affect the experimental results. It fully shows that in the face of 5g challenges, Fiberhome is ready. It has made a layout in advance in many aspects, such as ultra-high speed transmission (400g/1t), ultra-large capacity, ultra-low delay, ultra-high precision clock synchronization, network slicing, and continues to cultivate network bearer solutions to maintain its leading position in the 5g era. Fiberhome communications is committed to innovation, with ubiquitous, ultra wide, minimalist and on-demand bearing solutions, making the 5g blueprint a reality step by step

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