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5g UAV application pavilion was unveiled at Zigong Aviation Industrial Park achievements exhibition Sichuan news (Liu Yi) on the afternoon of December 21, after the opening ceremony of Zigong unmanned aircraft industry development and Investment Promotion Association, Zigong Aviation Industrial Park achievements exhibition was officially launched. It is worth noting that the 5g UAV application hall, which has attracted much attention from all walks of life, also made a full appearance in the exhibition of the control system of the electro-hydraulic high-frequency fatigue testing machine. The conditioning company said that the hard foam material can "further improve the insulation performance of the refrigerator by 10%". The potentiometer can control the excitation frequency, amplitude and vibration center offset of the electro-hydraulic vibrator

before solving the problem of conducting the aircraft structure, Zigong and China Mobile (Chengdu) Industrial Research Institute will jointly build the first 5g joint UAV industry application testing and demonstration base in the province. Relying on Zigong Fengming general airport and combining 5g technology, China Mobile Chengdu Industrial Research Institute will engage in the testing, demonstration and R & D of 5g joint UAVs to promote the breakthrough development of the UAV industry

it is understood that 5g United UAV is a kind of UAV with 5g as the core and integrating multiple models, which will subvert some traditional application scenarios and create application solutions across multiple industries

on March 30, 2019, a forest fire occurred in Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture. Due to the complex terrain and inconvenient communication, it brought great difficulties to the rescue work. China Mobile (Chengdu) Industrial Research Institute sent an emergency UAV team to observe the fire scene in real time through the professional camera and infrared detection equipment mounted on the UAV. According to the returned data, AI image algorithm was used to conduct thermal analysis, and the fire scene situation map was timely sent back to the command center to assist the rescue command decision-making, so as to achieve all-weather and no dead corner supervision and monitoring in mountain and forest areas

in addition, the UAV after 5g can also be used in many fields, such as emergency communication, high-level fire fighting, agriculture, forestry and plant protection, traffic management, energy patrol inspection, remote sensing mapping, logistics and transportation

it is reported that there are 3 enterprise pavilions with a total area of 7500 square meters in ABC and a total of 55 exhibitors. The contents of the exhibition mainly include text, pictures, physical objects, videos, etc. most of these enterprises are leading or key enterprises in the fields of UAV R & D and manufacturing and industrial applications, which basically reflect the current trend and technical level of the development of the UAV industry

in this activity, the participating aircraft are divided into two parts: static display and flight display. In the static display part, a total of 17 aircraft were displayed, and the flight display included 8 types of aircraft, including Cessna 172, diamond DA40, tengdun Hb, CETC CHENFENG UAV, and Yihang aircraft

in the afternoon of the same day, over Zigong Fengming airport, transfer flights and field flights were performed one after another. The specific heat treatment scheme is shown in Table 1. In addition, there was a wonderful picture of a manned aircraft and a UAV flying in the same field at Fengming airport for the first time, which made the audience more satisfied

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