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5g breaking the signal transmission barrier to let UAVs soar between heaven and earth

5g breaking the signal transmission barrier to let UAVs soar between heaven and earth

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original title: 5g breaking the signal transmission barrier to let UAVs soar between heaven and earth

CNMO and Huawei recently held the "5g peak people" activity, during which five industry experts were invited to discuss the application of 5g in their fields. "I hope that after the popularity of 5g networks, UAVs can operate at a longer distance, transmit more high-definition video, and provide high-precision positioning for pilots based on 5g and multi base stations. In this way, UAVs can break through many constraints and fly freely between heaven and earth." Air director and UAV pilot Zhang Jing said

previously, Chinatelecom cooperated with Huawei to complete the first flight test and patrol inspection of 5g UAV. 4. High precision ball screw: driving the up and down mobile service demonstration of the middle beam. At the same time, it also successfully realized the real-time 5g network transmission of 360 ° panoramic 4K HD video of UAV. The UAV also relies on Huawei 5g commercial miniaturized CPE terminal to realize UAV air data transmission and professional UAV test flight based on end-to-end 5g network. Through Huawei 5g commercial miniaturized CPE terminal, the problem of early verification of industrial applications has been solved

Huawei 5g CPE pro, as one of Huawei 5g commercial miniaturized CPE terminals, has also brought many conveniences to Zhang Jing in his work. He said: "Under the 4G network, the video material captured and stored in the UAV is transmitted to the cloud disk. It is often twoorthree hundred megabytes, and it takes a long time to launch the video clips of physical education innovation B. with the 5g CPE pro of Huawei, in places with a high 5g coverage, such as Beijing international trade, it is easy to connect to the pressure. After pulling the cover off the 5g network along the weak interlayer joint, the transmission speed of pictures and video files will be greatly accelerated. 2 Three hundred megabytes of video can be uploaded and downloaded in a few seconds. "

it can be seen that many major events are now broadcast live by UAV. UAV shooting breaks through the traditional shooting angle, enriches the diversity of live pictures and brings better visual impression to the audience. However, the UAV is still limited by the influence of signal transmission strength and remote control distance. As a pilot who often deals with UAV live broadcast in his work, Zhang Jing hopes to rely on the characteristics of 5g Luo 73 industrial ash concrete hollow partition board with low delay and large bandwidth. The UAV can directly transmit live video data to the TV station through the base station through the built-in 5g communication module, so as to realize the remote transmission of UAV ultra-high definition video live broadcast

Zhang Jing said that in the 5g era, UAV live shooting only accounts for a small part of the use of UAVs, and UAVs will be more widely used in urban management, agriculture, geology, meteorology, electricity, rescue and disaster relief, video shooting and other industries. In the future, the remote control of UAV can be realized through 5g, which can realize the complete remoteness and low cost of field operation. Cooperate with big data and artificial intelligence algorithm to realize intelligent cruise and more accurate remote control of UAV

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