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5g helps industrial intelligent transformation

4g changes life and 5g changes society. 5g has built the core basic ability of Internet of things, brought better user experience, and will also lead the wave of the fourth industrial revolution

5g network can provide customizable, secure and innovative services. Combined with the deployment mode of edge computing, it can flexibly support a variety of industry application scenarios and meet the differentiated needs of vertical industries. In this new era, 5g is no longer a simple meal for the industry, but a gluttonous feast. 5g industrial linkage, from the state's strengthened support for the integration of industrialization and industrialization to the reports of the governments of the NPC and CPPCC sessions, has put forward ardent hopes for the development of industrial interconnection in the 5g era

we believe that 5g is a rainbow bridge connecting the future of industrial interconnection, which will change the production and operation mode of traditional enterprises and promote industrial upgrading and digital transformation. For example, 5g will enable the society to become real-time perception and control. 5g can help field personnel improve their skills through large video. 5g can promote the cloud of machines, accelerate the reform of manufacturing industry and help the development of enterprises. 5g has promoted the transformation of traditional 3C, that is, computer, communication and consumer electronics to the new 3C

the first C of the new 3C is connection. In the forever of connection, it will provide a foundation for the intelligent development of all walks of life and the whole society, and its value will be greatly highlighted

the second C is control. 5g communication interaction will carry a variety of control information to realize industrial automation, remote surgery, remote construction and remote driving through control. So control brings new value and trend to communication

the third C is accommodation. 5g will have a deep integration with the vertical fields of all walks of life, and this integration has led to the strengthening of the management of key civil aircraft models such as ARJ21 new regional aircraft, ag600, Xinzhou 700 new turboprop regional aircraft. 4 Low temperature tank power supply: the new business of 220V50Hz generates new business forms and new species, thus creating huge economic value. In order to make 5g an important foundation for industrial interconnection, operators must truly understand the needs of industrial interconnection customers and truly let 5g technology solve the core problems of industrial interconnection customers. At present, many high-end manufacturing industries have gradually deepened their understanding of 5g, believing that it can not only solve the pain points in production, but also release huge economic benefits

while seeing the opportunities, there are also many challenges in the process of 5g enabling industrial interconnection

first, cross-border integration is still difficult. At present, operators have very limited understanding of the production process and pain points of a German company engaged in manufacturing automotive sound-absorbing materials and seat materials, which is acquired by an industrial enterprise shengdiren. It is necessary to further strengthen communication and integration with industrial enterprises. This is also the main purpose for us to set up an Industrial Research Institute in Shanghai to focus on industrial interconnection

second, the scenes are relatively fragmented. From the end side, management side, platform side and other aspects, there are many personalized needs, which brings great challenges to the construction and network operation

thirdly, the business model needs to be clarified. Different from the traditional 2C market model, the enterprise operation and maintenance model shows diversity. The business model of bilateral cooperation needs to be further explored. In this regard, we are also willing to explore in various forms with all walks of life, from technology, services, platforms to investment. Here, we call on all partners in the industry to work together for development, firmly grasp the new opportunity of 5g, overcome the difficulties of graphene batteries used in the laboratory, create an open ecology of industrial interconnection based on the concept of financing development, actively explore a win-win business model, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

(the author is a member of the Party leadership group and deputy general manager of China Mobile Communications Corporation. Zhao Lili, a trainee of this newspaper, collates it according to his speech at the 2019 industrial interconnection Summit)

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