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Hong Kong Causeway Bay Bookstore shareholder video report Ping An: please don't make a big fuss

[Global Times special envoy in Hong Kong Yang Weimin] Hong Kong Causeway Bay Bookstore shareholder Li Bo's "disappearance incident" has been bustling for many days, and opinions vary. Li Bo, who was allegedly missing, finally appeared through a video on the 9th, clarifying that his return to the mainland was purely personal and had nothing to do with others. In recent days, the opposition has claimed that Li Bo was "cross-border kidnapped" by mainland law enforcement officers, and the rumor has been broken

Li Bo's "disappearance" for more than ten days has attracted the attention of all parties. According to Hong Kong "Star Island" 10, Li Bo's wife caijiaping (pseudonym Shufei) received a 46 second video from her husband on the 9th about the manufacturer of rupture strength testing machine. Li Bo in front of the camera has neat hair, wears a dark checked shirt, and is dressed as a literati with a brown vest; He was full of spirit, sitting on the sofa, with potted plants and tea cups beside him, and the surrounding environment seemed peaceful and calm. Li Bo first clarified in the video that he was not missing, call "This return to the mainland is entirely my personal behavior. It's to understand some personal things, which have nothing to do with others. I don't know why some people make a big fuss about this matter. No matter what your purpose is, you want to get any benefits from avoiding the decline of plating quality due to the quality of metal parts. Your behavior has seriously disturbed the normal life of me and my family, and made us suffer great pressure and exhaustion. This How can I return to Hong Kong in such an atmosphere? " Speaking of this, Li Bo's mood seemed very excited. He clenched his right hand and opened his left hand in front of him, saying, "please, please think more of me and my family, respect my choice and privacy, and don't make an issue of this matter anymore. This is the real love for me". In addition, Li Bo also gave his wife a confession book, which firmly explained in words that his behavior was a personal action, similar to the video content

caijiaping was very relieved to receive Li Bo's video, saying that she and her family have had trouble sleeping and eating since the incident, especially the autistic son didn't understand the incident and couldn't explain it to him. The family was under pressure and almost collapsed. Now I have received a video from my husband. My son is excited to see his father across the screen. As for someone who took advantage of the Li Bo incident to organize a March, she said reluctantly, "it happened to my husband, who is the party! As a wife, I naturally take the wishes of my husband as the main." Caijiaping called on the people who organized the parade to respect the parties as much as possible, listen to their husband's opinions, and don't March, so that the incident can be calmed down as soon as possible

Li Bo, 65, lives with his wife caijiaping, 61, and a son and daughter. His eldest son is autistic. Earlier, caijiaping reported that her husband was "missing", and the Hong Kong Police classified the case as "missing", which was followed up by the Hong Kong Island Regional missing persons investigation team. On January 4, caijiaping received a handwritten letter faxed by Li Bo to the bookstore. Li Bo said in the letter that he was "in good condition and everything was normal", and explained that "I urgently need to deal with the surface problem of the screw and barrel damaged by the steel, so I can't let the outside world know. I have taken my own way to return to the mainland, and it may take some time to cooperate with the relevant parties to investigate". Caijiaping confirmed that the letter was written by her husband and went to the police station to cancel the case

however, opposition forces from all sides continued to hype the incident and spread rumors of "mainland public security cross-border arrest of Li Bo". On the 10th, the Hong Kong "League of supporters" launched a March, with the slogan of "protest against political kidnapping", from the headquarters of the Special Administrative Region government to the central United Nations Office, threatening to file a complaint with the United Nations "Committee on enforced disappearances". Western forces have also been involved. After the European Union said the incident was extremely worrying, U.S. State Department spokesman Kirby also said at the regular press conference that he was uneasy about the incident and would follow up closely. In response, Liu Naiqiang, a member of the Basic Law Committee, criticized that the United States had no role in the incident, and there was not enough evidence to prove where Li Bo was. Ma Enguo, chairman of the China Australia law Exchange Foundation and a barrister, believes that Li Bo's "disappearance" is very complex. It cannot be ruled out that he was used by mainland political forces to disrupt and subvert the mainland's political system, and the mainland criminal law stipulates that if the result of the crime is in the mainland, it will be regarded as a domestic crime. He said that the central government would not arbitrarily send mainland public security officers to Hong Kong to enforce the law across the border at the risk of breaking the law just because of Li Bo. He Junyao, former president of the Hong Kong law society, also said that there are still many unknowns in this incident, and the society should not take speculation as a conclusion, which is not helpful to the incident

on the 10th, the Hong Kong SAR government made a statement that various modes of closed-loop control can be achieved. The controller issued a statement stressing that he attached great importance to this case and that the police were conducting a comprehensive and in-depth investigation, but "it is not appropriate to speculate before fully mastering the facts". Chen duanhong, a professor at Peking University Law School, said that the problem for some Hong Kong media is to assume three roles at the same time, including Sherlock Holmes, prosecutors and judges. On the one hand, they speculate, on the other hand, they accuse and try at the same time. He believed that the whereabouts of Li Bo and others should be investigated by the police before charges and trials can be carried out. Hong Kong "Wen Wei Po" commented on the 10th that it can be seen from the two times of reporting Ping An that Li Bo is very likely to face private affairs, involving the privacy of him and his family. However, the opposition continues to hype the incident, not only ignoring the facts, but also fearing that the world will not be chaotic, which makes it clear how the Hong Kong opposition will do anything for political purposes

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