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Share increased to 35.1%! The expansion of power market-oriented transactions by Nanfang power brings reform dividends to customers

"if you reduce a penny per kilowatt hour, you can save 800000 yuan for the whole year." The person in charge of Guangxi Wuzhou Jinsheng Copper Co., Ltd. was happy to say to Su Mingjian and Han Hualin, the staff of Nanfang Electric Power Co., Ltd., who came to the door to publicize the price reduction policy, "in the future, you should often come and tell us."

Su Mingjian, who has served various enterprises for many years, said with some emotion that it is the tariff policies that enable enterprises to obtain real benefits and save production costs that make customers' attitude towards electricity more and more enthusiastic

in 2018, by implementing many measures, such as reducing the general industrial and commercial electricity price by 10%, expanding power market transactions, extending the industry and expanding the investment interface, China Southern Power Company effectively reduced the power consumption cost of customers, made the real economy light, and made many enterprises have a practical sense of gain. Among them, the general industrial and commercial electricity price will be reduced by 10% and the power consumption cost will be reduced by 22.3 billion yuan; The industry expansion investment was extended to the customer red line, and the cumulative extension investment (reducing customer costs) was 13.6 billion yuan

let customers get policy dividends without compromise

after the government work report at the beginning of 2018 put forward the requirement that the general industrial and commercial electricity price should be reduced by an average of 10%, China Southern Power Company earnestly implemented the national requirements, actively cooperated with the national development and Reform Commission to implement four batches of price reduction measures, and promoted the implementation of "the average reduction of general industrial and commercial electricity price by 10% in the power supply area"

take out the crushed sample. In order to make enterprises truly enjoy the benefits, Nanfang power company strictly implements the industrial and commercial price reduction policy of the general speed regulation range of 1~500mm/min in five provinces and regions, actively carries out publicity and explanation for power consumption enterprises, guides power consumption enterprises to choose the electricity metering method suitable for the actual operation of enterprises, and helps enterprises participate in market-oriented electricity trading, The five provinces and regions in the South have achieved an average reduction of 7.95 cents/kwh in the electricity price of the general industrial and commercial user catalogue. While successfully completing the price reduction task assigned by the State Council, they have helped the majority of enterprises to reduce the electricity cost "with real money". Taking Guizhou Province as an example, since April 1 last year, Guizhou Province has reduced the general industrial and commercial electricity price three times. Guizhou power company has completed the task of directly settling accounts with electricity users to reduce the general industrial and commercial electricity price by 10%. By the end of December 2018, the user's electricity cost will be reduced by about 910million yuan

expanding market-oriented transactions brings reform dividends to customers.

power market-oriented transactions are another key measure for Southern Power Company to "reduce the burden" on the real economy

in the past three years, the scale of power market transactions in the southern region has continued to grow. Among them, the market-oriented trading electricity in the province increased from 74.1 billion kwh in 2015 to 338 billion kwh in 2018, and the market-oriented trading electricity share increased from 9.5% in 2015 to 35.1%. The reform dividends released through market-oriented transactions are also gradually emerging

"in the past, the catalogue price was implemented at 0.52 yuan per kilowatt hour. After the full amount of electricity participated in the market transaction, it fell to about 0.35 yuan per kilowatt hour in 2017." Yunnan Metallurgical Group is a large industrial power customer in Yunnan. Li Jingshan, director of the office of Huineng power sales company of the group, said that with the reduction of electricity price, the proportion of the group's power consumption cost in the production cost fell from 45% to 35%

Guangxi Qinzhou Jincheng manganese industry company is a private enterprise that started in January 2017. Zhong Yonggui, general manager of the company, said, "under the guidance of the staff of Nanfang power company, our company actively participates in the power market transaction, and the average production cost can be saved by more than one million yuan per month."

it is reported that in 2018, Guangxi Electric Power Trading Center organized 69 batches of electricity market-oriented transactions, with the trading power reaching 50.54 billion kwh, reducing the power consumption cost of enterprises by 4.55 billion yuan. The annual trading electricity of Guangdong power market is nearly 160billion kwh, accounting for about 25% of the total social electricity consumption in Guangdong Province, benefiting many industrial enterprises in the province with their own characteristics

at present, the number of market players in the five provinces and regions in the South exceeds 20000; The market-oriented trading electricity in the province accounted for 35.1%, with a year-on-year increase of 5 percentage points. In addition, the southern (starting from Guangdong) power spot market has become the first power spot market to enter the trial operation in China. All these have laid a solid foundation for Nanfang power company to further release the reform dividends through the market mechanism, and help improve the business environment and steady economic growth

extend the industry and expand the investment interface to let customers run light

Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, is one of the first demonstration cities of small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship and innovation bases in China. At present, there are nearly 70000 private enterprises in the city. The registered capital of private enterprises has maintained double-digit growth for several consecutive years, and private enterprises have become the "main force" supporting the economic development of Jiangmen

in order to help enterprises run light and fast, Jiangmen Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong electric power company has realized that small enterprises, family workshop enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households and other small and micro enterprises with a reported installed capacity of 100 to 200 KVA have changed from high-voltage power supply to low-voltage power supply, and extended the investment interface of power supply bureau to the red line of customers, further saving customers' electricity costs. For example, the marketing department of Jiangmen Power Supply Bureau said, "taking Jiangmen jinkaide Glass Co., Ltd. as an example, the reported installed capacity of the company is 195 KVA, and now it is changed to low-voltage power supply, which can save about 150000 yuan for customers, and the time consumption is shortened from one month to six days."

at present, China Southern Power Company continues to expand the investment interface to the customer red line to reduce the customer's electricity connection expenditure. In 2018, the cumulative extended investment (reducing customer costs) of southern power company was 13.6 billion yuan. Among them, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other nine cities involved in Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay District have implemented low-voltage power supply for customers with a new installed power capacity of 200 KVA or less, so as to realize zero cost of power connection for small and micro enterprises. At the same time, Nanfang power company, for the first time in the country, closed the pilot project of the main motor source free trade zone of copper rod tensile testing machine in Hengqin, Zhuhai. The investment interface for industrial and commercial customers was extended to the low-voltage side of the transformer, and one-stop services and other measures were taken to make more end customers have a real sense of gain

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