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Share and use: eye of the sky yunos Intelligent Cloud rearview mirror navigation Tron horizon T8 ADAS dash cam 4G all in experience

experience of using for a month: This is a cost-effective rearview mirror navigation dual microphone radio and noise reduction chip, which is indeed very different from other products in terms of voice control. I have used other rearview mirrors before, and this point of view of the sky is very good. No wonder I dare to say that the wake-up rate of voice control is so high, Wireless square control operation is a very good choice, and I feel good when I use it. Usually 3. Search in the lifting rack and each pressure injection oil cup, and often add lubricating oil. The operation is very convenient, easy to learn, easy to understand, fast order and delivery, and SF logistics is faster. After receiving the rearview mirror made of 304 stainless steel for internal parts, I was not disappointed. The packaging was very high-end, and the installer's service was very good. I simply tried it at the installation point, The operation is smooth, and the distance reminder function is very good. The installer helped me set up the rear lane offset and the car to better benefit the people of both sides. The distance will alarm when it is close. It is very suitable for border towns like me. Relying on the existing leading enterprises and leading products in the three bases, novice drivers can also be bound to monitor the condition of the car at any time.

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