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Special shaped glass bottle packaging Nivea pearl deodorant

Nivea's listed products mostly have a common feature to distinguish them from other incense products, that is, the shape design concept of the packaging container is more prominent in the design elements that are suitable for human nature, such as highlighting the finger type or other forms of concave design on the bottle body, so as to improve the good hand feeling and convenience when grasping. It is this feature that also makes Nivea deodorant products attract more consumers' attention on the market shelves for three main reasons. From the perspective of the selection of packaging materials, a kind of light induced valence tautomeric compound with room temperature magneto-optical effect, channivea bead walking deodorant, has been developed. This product seems to follow the packaging mode of previous commonly used deodorant products: the glass bottle made of ordinary glass materials is designed with the bead walking roller on the top of the bottle for the convenience of consumers, and the external surface of the bottle is pasted with a printed transparent product label and instructions The outer package of the product is a white plastic cover. The innovative highlight of this product lies in the special-shaped glass bottle it first adopts. The concave design of circular arc is added at the appropriate position on the back of the bottle body to cooperate with the shape of people's hands when grasping the glass bottle, so as to make the hands of the bottle body in the process of use. In this way, 1 the gap is larger, the feeling is better, it is more convenient to pick up and not easy to slip off

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