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Shaoxing scb11 transformer manufacturer

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conclusion of remote control function when the system has a ground fault and the neutral grounded transformer jumps off, the rise of electric zero sequence voltage or resonant overvoltage will endanger the neutral insulation of the transformer with ungrounded neutral

therefore, transformers with ungrounded neutral points should be equipped with zero sequence voltage protection or gap zero sequence current protection

transformer oil leakage causes and treatment measures

transformer is one of the main electrical equipment in substation. Because oil immersed transformer has good insulation performance, strong thermal conductivity and low cost, it can solve the problems of large capacity heat dissipation and high voltage insulation of transformer and is widely used

however, the common problem of oil leakage in the operation of oil immersed transformers has seriously affected the safe operation of transformers. The total gas volume in the oil is about 10

if the three-phase current is relatively balanced and slightly decreases, the three-phase voltage increases significantly and exceeds the rated value a lot, indicating that it is caused by the high system voltage. If the sound is high or low, when the sound is high, the two-phase current increases at the same time, and the two-phase voltage decreases at the same time, and the length of time is uncertain, it indicates that there is a single-phase heavy load on the secondary side that is used intermittently, such as an electric welding machine. It is necessary to find out the situation in order to master it. If the sound is abnormally loud, and the three-phase load current and voltage are extremely unbalanced and continuous, it may be caused by the indirect short circuit or grounding after the open circuit of the low-voltage line

Shaoxing scb11 transformer manufacturer

harm of transformer oil leakage

transformer oil leakage will bring serious harm to the safe operation of transformers

through the Chinese operation interface of Windows98, Windows2000 or WindowsXP, if the transformer leaks oil for a long time or a large amount of oil, there will be insufficient oil in the transformer. When the oil level of the transformer in operation drops too much, it may lead to the misoperation of gas protection

when the transformer is seriously short of oil and the internal windings are exposed, insulation damage may be caused, and even a breakdown accident may occur, resulting in the shutdown of the transformer, affecting the reliable supply of power. It is the oil leakage of the transformer, which is easy to cause moisture to enter, causing the interior of the transformer to be damp. It is the oil leakage part of the transformer that is easy to adhere to dust, making the surface adhere to oil stains in a large area, which greatly affects the appearance and image, and brings difficulties to overhaul and maintenance, It is the leakage of transformer oil that wastes resources and pollutes the environment. Then the direct load method can be used for further detection. Therefore, the problem of transformer oil leakage must be highly concerned by substation maintenance personnel

analysis of transformer oil leakage

there are transformer substations and main transformers of various voltage levels, all of which are oil immersed self cooling transformers, and oil leakage faults occur in transformers every year

according to the statistics of transformer oil leakage in recent years, it is found that the oil leakage parts of transformer are mainly distributed at the connections of various parts of transformer oil tank, such as transformer bushing gas relay oil level indicator radiator valve on load switch thermometer and other places with seals

oil leakage also occurs from time to time in the welds of the radiator of the transformer oil tank

reasons for transformer oil leakage

there are many reasons for transformer oil leakage, which have a certain relationship with the manufacturing quality of parts, operating environment, installation quality, operating life, etc. to summarize the reasons for transformer oil leakage in recent years, there are mainly the following aspects. Amc1210 has four channels

when checking the hanging core of transformer, the core should not be stacked on the car oil tank, but should be placed on the cleaning support prepared in advance

Shaoxing scb11 transformer manufacturer

gasket aging

transformer oil leakage mostly occurs at the connection between oil tank and parts, and more than% is mainly caused by gasket aging

the quality of the sealant mainly depends on its oil resistance and the improvement of its international operation ability. Those with poor oil resistance will age faster, especially at high temperature. The temperature of the transformer can reach above during operation, which is easy to cause the aging deformation of the seal, resulting in failure and oil leakage of the transformer

poor operating environment

most transformers are operated outdoors, with poor operating environment and large temperature difference

the outdoor temperature can reach zero in summer and below zero in winter. Coupled with the heat generated by the transformer itself during operation, the long-term thermal expansion and contraction cause the gasket to lose elasticity, resulting in oil leakage. According to the forecast of the meteorological department

poor welding quality

oil immersed transformer is a body of various welding and connection based on the welded shell of steel plate. During manufacturing, the oil tank has many welding points, long welds, difficult welding, welding materials, welding technology, and the technical level of welding personnel will affect the welding quality

for example, the total welding points of a transformer reach the pressure rise rate, pressure control accuracy, etc., and defects such as pores, sand holes, virtual welding and desoldering of the weld lead to oil leakage of the transformer

assembly process

the assembly process and procedures do not meet the requirements. During assembly, the fastening is too loose or tight, the sealing gasket is not clean or uneven, and the flange connections of various parts are uneven. During installation, the bolts around the sealing gasket are subjected to uneven force, and the flange joints are deformed and misaligned. This phenomenon often occurs at the gas relay and the connection between the radiator and the body. Carry out three ratio calculation

the actual analysis of each grounding piece is carried out below

Shaoxing scb11 transformer manufacturer

as well as large transformer bushing, due to poor installation quality, the bushing connection is stressed, which is easy to cause oil leakage at the bushing

the influence of the technical level of maintenance personnel

it is pointed out that the sandwich material composed of organic and inorganic materials (referred to as organic-inorganic composites for short)

there is a serious personnel fault phenomenon in the maintenance line team. Due to the limitations of personnel and machinery, transformer maintenance mostly relies on outsourcing teams

the outsourcing personnel are not enthusiastic, they do not strictly abide by the regulations during the maintenance, do not carefully find the cause of leakage, do not test leakage after the maintenance or the static pressure time is not enough, resulting in the defects still exist after the maintenance

external force damage

when the transformer is transported and hoisted, the parts collide, the connecting pipes such as the heat sink are twisted by external force, or other parts are bruised and deformed, and cracks and other hidden defects appear at the welded junction. After the transformer is put into operation, the pressure increases with the temperature rising, causing oil leakage

the nameplate of the transformer indicates the performance, technical specifications and application occasions of the transformer, which is used to meet the selection of users. The main technical data usually paid attention to in selection are KVA of rated capacity

refers to the output capacity of the transformer under rated state

such as rated capacity line of single-phase transformer and capacity line of phase transformer

rated voltage volts. At this stage, many short-circuit fault reserve maintenance types are selected on power transformers. The key is compound working voltage locking short-circuit protection; Maintenance of zero sequence overcurrent or zero sequence azimuth overcurrent; Negative sequence overcurrent or negative sequence azimuth overcurrent maintenance; Complex voltage locking output power azimuth maintenance; Low characteristic impedance maintenance, etc. The oil level rises sharply and even flows out of the conservator at this time

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