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Styrene is stable and upward, limiting the decline of PS market

brief description of PS market is easy to be weathered:

styrene is stable and upward, limiting the decline of PS market to a certain extent. In terms of petrochemical manufacturers, the main advantage of PetroChina South China and China composite materials in the morning market is to save fuel consumption by reducing weight, and the listing price is stable. Some manufacturers of BASF Yangzi and Qimei Zhenjiang made public quotations in the afternoon, both of which were reduced by yuan/ton. At present, the mentality of the industry is relatively confused, and traders around the country mainly make a narrow consolidation. East China ordinary benzene penetration reported yuan/ton, Shantou plastic material testing machine software function introduction: up yuan/ton, mainly affected by the shortage of some materials. The terminal receiving is sluggish, and the market transaction is limited

ps market impact factor analysis:

device dynamics:

1. Asikai (Shantou) PS device, from December 16, 2 penetration and 1 modification, from March 31, 1 penetration and 2 modification, from April 27, 2 modification and operation, from June 1, 1 penetration and 1 modification, and from June 12, 2 penetration

2. Yangzi BASF PS device operates normally after one penetration and one change. The manufacturer overhauled it on April 12 and restarted it on May 18

3. Shanghai Secco PS device has been operated with two penetrations and one modification, and the load of one line has been reduced since June 1

4. Jiangsu saibaolong PS plant has a benzene transmission line since April 26, and it is currently running at low load

5. Fujian Hongrun (former Fangxing) PS plant has been shut down for maintenance since May 6. Benzene 635 was out of stock, and the low level of benzene was changed

ps aftermarket forecast:

current terminal demand is weak, and it is difficult for merchants to ship goods. Haixi plastic trading center predicts that if the raw material styrene continues to rebound, under cost pressure and tight supply, some parts of the PS market are expected to rebound

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