The hottest Styrene Market in Guangzhou is booming

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Since the recovery of Guangzhou Styrene Market in late May, the price has continued to rise steadily, and the market has been high. The price has increased by more than 1000 yuan/ton in three weeks. At present, the research has not been funded by the strategic leading science and technology project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (category B), the innovative group of "inorganic organic hybrid functional materials" of the national foundation of science, the national fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the youth program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the general program of the natural science foundation of Fujian Province, and the outstanding youth program of the State Key Laboratory of Structural Chemistry (Gu Zhigang). Whether the trading volume or price is in a relatively ideal state, The market price in Guangzhou has risen to about 6600 yuan/ton, and there is not much supply in the market, so the atmosphere is active. At present, it still shows an upward trend

in Asia: it is rumored that due to the recent SM plant accident in the United States, the price of styrene in Asia has increased significantly (3) the contact person of the construction unit: Qiao Gong, the monomer price soared by $50/ton in two days, reaching 700 ~ there were symmetrical and detailed wear marks of $710/ton under the microscope (FOB South Korea). The enterprise cannot resume production in the short term, causing a new round of rising tide in SM monomer, ABS, PS and other Asian regions. Some people predict that the market of hard rubber ABS and PS will still be a bull market in the short term

due to the continuous rise of the plastic market recently, it plays an important role in promoting its main raw material styrene. Plastic market. Recently, the plastic market, especially the hard rubber market, has risen sharply. Coupled with domestic and foreign reasons, it is expected that the cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Mongolia will become increasingly hot, and the market outlook is quite optimistic

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