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2011 call center and enterprise communication conference wonderful speech preview

the conference has nine themes. This paper mainly makes a brief overview speech and sixteen special speeches on the research of these two composites. The sub venue themes are "call center operation management" and "market analysis and industry application". Many experts with rich experience in planning, construction and operation from the front line of call centers and enterprise communications were invited to make wonderful speeches at the conference, and shared their best practices with the participants. Part of the speech is as follows: Min Chengzhong, senior manager of business development of Alcatel lucent, delivered a keynote speech: contact in the "cloud" - the trend of the next generation contact center

Zhang Jinghui, senior consultant of Avaya company, delivered a keynote speech: multimedia connection based on Internet brings a new customer experience

Qi Jun, senior vice president of Beijing yinglixun Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech: building an efficient and integrated "moving center"

Yang Jun, director of the equipment industry division of Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, delivered a keynote speech: new development of the call center industry in the context of IOT

duanyunfeng, Bi project manager of China Mobile Communications Corporation, delivered a keynote speech: the application of data mining in customers

Chen Gang, senior vice president of Boyan technology, delivered a keynote speech: how service outsourcing enterprises build their core competitiveness

liuhongbing, the director of Ctrip Travel customer service department, delivered a keynote speech, and the service life of products became shorter: Ctrip's way of lean service

Gao Lu, senior director of Honglian '95 call center of CITIC Group, delivered a speech: the story of refined management and "pineapple Gollum meat"

Ye Cheng, a representative of teelopti China, delivered a speech: analysis of the value and investment return of labor resources and performance management

taohaidong, managing director of Plantronics Bentley Greater China, delivered a speech: clear communication - improve customer satisfaction

Fu Guo, assistant general manager of Shenzhen Youlin communication equipment Co., Ltd., delivered a speech: stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade -- a case study of call center quality management

Wang Houdong, an expert member of the standard committee of CCCS customer contact center, delivered a speech: the typical physical property table of the special material for modified PBT energy-saving lamps, the new trend of call center operation and management

Li Xue, chief trainer of FAW Volkswagen, delivered a speech: Audi's customer service system

Zhang Zhen, national customer service director of Fantong, delivered a speech: cost management of customer service center

Wu Qiang, general manager of Beijing Tianrun RONGTONG Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech: Chinese gene of managed call center

He Xiao, general manager of CCID Consulting e-commerce industry research center, delivered a speech: key points of E-marketing business development of insurance companies

jiayuanyuan, Golden Elephant customer service manager, delivered a speech: the new application of call center in the field of pharmaceutical retail

director of medical education Liu Beixing delivered a speech: health management, call center and enterprise communication of "three fun life 3H life"

it is necessary for psychological behavior training experts to formulate different protection and maintenance plans. Liang Yongcun, an occupational psychologist, delivered a speech: emotional labor management in call centers

Si Chen, a member of China call center and Customer Relationship Management Association, delivered a speech: report on the annual research results of psychology in call centers

……………。 For more wonderful speeches, please pay attention to the official website of 2011 call center and enterprise communication conference: CTI Forum Report

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