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Styrene butadiene rubber: the recovery in the year is over.

"entering December, the styrene butadiene rubber market showed a downturn and downward trend. On December 15, PetroChina Northwest sales company lowered the price of styrene butadiene rubber by 500 yuan, and rosin 1502 to 10400 yuan (ton price, the same below). Under the negative effects of sharp decline in raw materials and sluggish demand, styrene butadiene rubber will end this year gloomily." Manager Zhang of Jilin Baoyuan chemical trading company and other market participants made such judgments about the current styrene butadiene rubber market

the market is light, manufacturers cut prices

in December, in addition, Sinopec and PetroChina and other manufacturers reduced their listing prices twice to accelerate the decline of market prices. The styrene butadiene rubber market in the domestic market is depressed and down, and the transaction upside down phenomenon has appeared in the process of price decline, and there is a further aggravating trend. However, the market takeover did not improve due to the price decline. The operators were not confident in trading and had bearish expectations. In addition, the buying atmosphere was increasingly depressed and low-end prices occurred from time to time. The price focus of styrene butadiene rubber in the domestic market continued to fall. While the transaction was flat, the actual transaction price was upside down in most regions

at present, PetroChina has lowered its listing price again, which continues to put pressure on the market, and the price has hit an annual low. Although some operators revealed their intention to accept the offer, they failed to put it into practice, and the firm offer trading was still poor

"in the future, the market may continue to maintain a low trend. Although the current price of styrene butadiene rubber is low, some businesses fill the gap (1) Before each experiment, the samples should be cleared of short-term orders. There are a few transactions in the market, but there are too many negative factors. No matter whether Urumqi pedestrian overpass is trying out polyurethane new materials, the cost side or the demand side will continue to decline. In the current environment of light trading, styrene butadiene rubber does not rule out the possibility of continuing to decline, and may continue to hit a new low this year. " Manager Zhang said

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