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Styrene market information in the Asia Pacific region

the spot price this week has been a controversial issue in the styrene market. Between last week and this week, prices fell sharply due to a series of factors. Lack of purchasing desire, especially in China; Coupled with the country's abundant inventory level and weak downstream demand, it is exerting a strong downward pressure on prices. In addition, the falling price of benzene last week also contributed to the decline in the price of styrene. Many participants believe that the low styrene price in the market in recent days may help sellers empty their shipments in late March/early April. It is said that China's storage equipment is full, and oneortwo consumers have postponed the shipment because there is no space to store the incoming shipment. It is difficult to assess the exact extent of the decline in oil prices, because the report points out a wide range of intended prices, buyers indicate a very low price level, and suppliers insist that prices will not fall as quickly as buyers require. The FOB Korean price range mentioned above reflects the wide gap between the intended prices of buyers and sellers. If no new deal has been reached since the beginning of the week, the intended price at the time of the deadline is unrealistic

it is said that the CFR China quotation of $700 per ton at the end of last week was not confirmed, because the details of the transaction were only reached on Monday. The above transaction is the initial shipment of 2000 tons of styrene in April, and the transaction price is $700 per ton CFR China. It is said that the price of another 1000 ton styrene shipment sold to India in April was US $700 per ton CFR India. Following these transactions, China's bid price began to fall to US $per ton CFR China. By the middle of the week, oil prices had fallen further. It is said that the buyer offered us $650 per ton CFR China's low price; The seller's price is positioned around $680 per ton CFR China. However, suppliers prefer to remain silent on April/may quotations because they expect prices to rebound, especially since styrene prices began to recover. As this week passed, styrene prices fell further. On Thursday, the quotation was US $640 per ton CFR Taiwan/Hong Kong. By Friday, the quotation was US $620 per ton CFR Taiwan. It is said that the quotation was US $per ton CFR Taiwan. At the close of the market on Friday, the manufacturer admitted that even at the beginning of the week, the trading price was only $700 per ton CFR China. This price is definitely out of reach. In terms of FOB South Korea trading, the bid price on Friday was US $615 per ton FOB South Korea, while the sellers tried to keep the high price around us $640 per ton FOB South Korea. Oneortwo suppliers said that they would not accept any transaction lower than US $640 FOB South Korea, while other vendors fully adhered to the quotation, because styrene prices were expected to rise supported by strong crude oil and benzene prices

domestic prices in China continued to fall, and by the end of the week, the price in the eastern region of the country was less than 6500 yuan per ton. Due to the high level of inventory, China has little interest in buying because the downstream sector is very depressed. The price of styrene derivatives is under considerable pressure because there is no sign of increased demand. Due to the price situation of ps/eps department, some participants have chosen to reduce the operating rate or shut down production equipment in China

in the process of all market chaos and falling prices, sellers are optimistic that the price to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction may resume in April and may. During the second quarter, the parking of several equipment in Asia will tighten the supply level, which may drive the spot price. The Japanese Kashi universal experimental machine includes one or more vertically loaded columns ma. It is planned to stop for maintenance for one month, starting in mid May. The styrene monomer production equipment in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia will be overhauled for one month in mid April. It is reported that the downstream equipment will be supplemented by the exchange device

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