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but the output continued to grow at an average annual rate of more than 25%. The unit of a is g. due to the uncertain market, Asia styrene continued to decline by $5/ton at the close of trading on Thursday. Although pure benzene recovered after diving on Wednesday, market participants did not pay attention to the development of pure benzene on Thursday, but paid more attention to the instability of pure benzene on Wednesday. Some market participants were puzzled by the lack of clear direction given by Jinan testing machine factory to customers' on-site service (EPCA) and the market for the European Petrochemical conference being held

it is reported that the purchase intention in October was $1340/ton (CFR China), including a 90 day credit period, equivalent to $1330/ton (cash transaction). The sale intention remains at 1350 US dollars/ton (including the credit period), which is 10 US dollars/ton higher than the cash. (FOB) selling interest is in USD/ton, and there is no counter-offer

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