The hottest Styrene Market in Guangdong began to r

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The Styrene Market in Guangdong began to recover

Guangdong has found the right solution since it began to reduce in early March. The price of styrene has declined for nearly two months. The price of styrene (water purification) gradually fell from the peak, during which the lowest price fell below 5000 yuan/ton, and the highest price appeared around 8400 yuan/ton. The decline is extremely alarming, about 3400 yuan/ton, and the overall market is very depressed in both demand and price

recently, driven by the rise of most plastic prices and the continuous rise of benzene products, the styrene market has finally slowly recovered. According to the solution mainly from plastic products molding and processing plants: so far, the Styrene Market in Guangdong has improved slightly, the market trading has also become more vibrant, and the price has also rebounded. Although the price fluctuation at 5500 yuan/ton is not very large, the vibrant market atmosphere and the current good market trend have made businesses see hope for the future of styrene

styrene is mostly used in synthetic rubber, fiber, resin, ABS, PS and other engineering plastics, which will be promoted with the recent improvement of the plastic market. The ex factory price of the manufacturer has been adjusted steadily recently, and the upstream ethylene market is relatively good

in Asia: the spot price of styrene in the Far East showed a flat trend compared with last week. The CIF price of styrene in Taiwan is still US dollars per ton, and the FOB export price in South Korea is US dollars per ton, a small drop of US $5 compared with last week; Although PS and ABS, the downstream raw materials of styrene, showed a moderate upward trend, most PS and ABS manufacturers were unwilling to reduce demand due to excessive price increases, which relatively suppressed the upward trend of styrene. In recent days, although the naphtha market price has risen by $20/ton following the trend of the crude oil futures market. However, the rising momentum of styrene is weak, and the quotation has slowed down. This week, the transaction is at the level of 540 US dollars/ton

the prices of upstream styrene raw materials such as ethylene and benzene have not declined. The spot price of ethylene has a significant effect on the improvement of the performance of aluminum materials, and continues to rise. Therefore, most styrene manufacturers are unwilling to reduce the price. Some traders believe that the current market is full of wait-and-see atmosphere because the demand intensity is not obvious. If the price of upstream raw materials such as ethylene shows an upward trend in the future, once the wait-and-see atmosphere in the downstream disappears, there is still room for the styrene market to continue to rise

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